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Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a new home.

So...i reckon I do have a few readers out there due to people telling me in-game to update my blog. Well what do I say.

Alot has changed...I have relocated myself and my family to a differ timezone and now the hours of play I get to experience brings me quite a new view of EVE.  The crowds are small and the space is limitless...LMAO ok yeah i am talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo atm.

So what has really happened. My corp is now along the side of the NC. Life has definitely been better, but it was no easy task in getting there. Sadly i must say that i really havent been on much of lately to assist my fellow corpmates pave the way for our new home systems. Yep thats right...back in null sec and enjoying it. Our numbers continue to grow and productivity still seems to be progressing. It is a very exciting time and through it we have continue to push through some of the rough spots.

For those of you that read this...and are part of the XSEXX family you know what i speak of. To the other readers...I wish i could go into details but i cant in order to respect which is what has happened. Still just imagine when hope of big dreams seemed lost....the few people that you play the game with raising up and leading others to continue on.

So what is next...EVE DOMINATION....lmao...nah probably not. Right now we will continue to support our fellow blues and show that we can be and ARE a vital asset to the there cause.

I continue to fly the Tengu...and well I have a few of them now. Still very pleased with this ship. I really cant see flying anything else...well...I am still working on getting into a carrier...I know it will be very different in which the ways i will use it a support my corp with it.

First carrier hold up...before the bashing begins about this ship...yeah i have heard and read all about it....i know the pro's and con's....and there are many of you that would probably say.."what pro's" yeah well maybe it all comes down to my toon roots...i started with caldari because of the faction background and continue to love playing as them.

However...While enyo is floating around in the alala toon sports the gallente types. Right now alala is in the ever so useful domi training up BS V. Yes...she will be in a thantos. I think the two carriers will be a nice support to each other.

What do yall think?

I still use the rifter for pvp...i love that little ship...but now i can also use the Wolf and Jaguar ships with enyo...And now that "Rifter Drifter" has posted a new guide...i am curious to see what changes have happened in the pvp areas in the last few months.

Till then,
Enyo Bellona

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The crash of TWO cpu's and Tyrannis

Well so far this has been a crappy week. First my desktop refuses to stay on as my wife pointed out. I really havent looked into it as of yet but I am guessing the Pwr supply needs to be replaced....but not sure.

And after downloading and patching for Tyrannis...hmm corrupted EVE data. Ran the repair tool...even that didnt fix next was taking eve off my laptop and re-installing. Well somehow doing this crashed my laptop...which was very very irritating....especially with wifey asking every 2 minutes if i fixed it yet and what is wrong with it while chuckling in the background. first experience with Tyrannis was corrupted eve data that eventually crashed my laptop.(new laptop) So last night I decided to return the laptop to factory settings....wiping EVERYTHING from the computer...which was probably long over-due. And proceeded to download the full client again last night. Hopefully I will be able to complete all the patching needed today with any software updates on the CPU and see how the new expansion looks.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random funnies....***Not Related to EVE***

Hello everyone....well i am still kicking around and working some things out in EVE. Tengu is still strong and so is so lawless space action....what lawless space...Well I will post more about that later....but I wanted to share so humor. Everyone deserves a good chuckle here and there.

***Warning Now***
 Not responsible for literature randomly posted to the following link. Some of the "literature" could be found vugar, offensive, and down right disturbing. .....Think George Carlin on his best and worst

Funny Emails <-------Click there...that is the site.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey how the hell are yall? So I have been pretty absent this month. I log on still fairly often just havent really been doing alot outside of missions atm. Right now in RL world I am busy prepping for a cross country/water move and me and the wife are expecting our first child any day day it will

So what has been going on exactly in-game? Well ....I lost a Tengu. Yeah...its true and irritating. While in a mission with a active tanked tengu, my cpu froze up briefly....and when this happened my shield booster was not active. When I returned to the updated screen...there I was sitting in a pod beside a tengu wreck....

An EMORAGE quit was close to happening i said my cpu froze up but at the time i didnt realize it was my computer...i thought the server crashed. Well after finding out what happened and realizing fault was on my part or my cpu's part. I looked at my options. I went through assest and liquidated a few things...rebuilding a tengu and this time making sure it is cap-stable for any other future glitches.

So it has been going fairly well since then. Finally found use of my LP and decided to put some faction ships out on contracts whiched worked pretty well. And now I am starting to get back where I am comfortable with the process now of moving faction ships across space.

And my counterparts in the corp right now are starting to see that mining in highsec or at least how they are doing it is not profitable for them at all...even with multiple accts running. As far as me....right now after talking with another CEO outside Empire space....I may be making a transistion back to null sec. Time will tell and so will blogs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

*drum roll*......T3 Tengu Complete

Alrighty....after buying pieces here and there over the past few months. My Tengu is finally complete and assembled. Eager to play with it after gettting it together, I took it into a few level 3 i know...overkill....but I need to test the water first. But it wasnt but maybe an hour later that I took it into some level 4 missions. And.....OMG....this thing is a beast.

Current DPS 569. Current omni tank is 830-1058. Speed is 231-499m/s.  Right now I am clearing missions quicker then I ever have...and thats including using a CNR. And all I can think about now as I play is...I WANT MORE!!! LOL...Thank goodness that I can get just alittle bit more DPS and Tank out of this thing...but even just means faster easier missions.

So sorry for the absence  in blogging lately, but in RL me and my wife are soon to be expecting our first child any day now. So I have been running around like crazy prepping for the baby and prepping for a move as well.

But best believe the T3 is getting its use and every min of use is quickly paying for itself.

Till next time....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The past week and RvB

Well the last week has been for the most part pretty slow. Most of the members coming to Eve Ventures took this past week to clean up some last minute items and release roles in corps that they were in. We were also contacted by some previous members that orginially flew under the NAI flag and disappeared. So right now things seem to be coming along nicely with the new and old gather yet again under the same flag.

So while everyone was getting their things in order. A few of us decided to go play RvB. For those that do not know what RvB is in Eve Online. It is two corporations that are at constant war. Think of it as controlled high sec pvp. Matches are organized usually consisting of T1 frigates. As well as your regular station-camping warfare. There are rules and restrictions in this faction war set by the two corps. For example while we were there no ECM boats(Caldari Jamming Boats) are allowed to be used in there purpose EXCEPT when your respective corp is being station camped at it HQ.
The Corporations are respectively: Red Federation and the Blue Republic.

This high sec battle takes place in the Verge Vendor region (Gallente Space). So if you are KOS to the Gallente probably wont be able to get into the group with out raising some standings. Which 1 of our guys had to grind and train Diplomacy up so he could play.

We joined the Red Federation. So I cant really speak on how things work for the Blues. But from our few days there we noticed that the Reds were usually losing on the battle field. And after a few losing battles you do kind've find yourself frustrated with the limitations. In my opinion it seemed that the Reds played to nice and stuck to protocol and carebare ways of fighting. While the Blues...would consistantly station camp the RED HQ and also gate camp. For whatever reasoning....the Reds do not do this often or employ these tatics. From a 3 day trip into the red corp...most of our battles were organized with the Blues...with underlying contracts of ship use before hand. Example...In my last fight with them before leaving...we had a 15 man fleet of frigs. The blues couldnt form a 15man fleet so the Red FC at the time gave Blue FC permission to to field 2 cruisers, 2 Destroyers, and 6 frigs....And with an agree'ed fighting location with us arriving on the scene first...we were pwn'ed. Pointing out to the FC that even though we showed up first...the Blues, in my opinion were be handed the fight and field advantage...OH and i forgot to mention...apparently we were not allowed to primary the Blue FC regardless what ship he showed up in....WTF right.

Being the last frigate to go down in the battle I was able to see the whole thing play out. We showed up...the blues entered system and warped in 30km from the starting location...making our frigs having to burn out to them. Being that Blues were smart about this...not only this they warp at a distance, they also fitted for distance. So we had a few frigates INSTA POP right off the start. From there is was a mix of Primary being switched every few secs and reds try to get to the new primary and Blues taking us out 1 by 1. was good laughs. But after 3 days of the same we were ready to leave and finish getting things to our New system.

We scouted areas looking at belts in systems, jumps from low sec, and jumps from null sec. Hoping to get into alittle bit of everything. Yesterday, pretty much everyone put in there application into Eve Ventures and were accepted. Kill Joy, the Eve Ventures CEO, was on briefly last night so we didnt have to wait long for our acceptance into the corp. The location for us setting up base was given out to us on Sunday. So me and another pilot gather all of our assests in 1 location and started the frieghter runs. I completed my couriers yesterday, but before I logged off last night. My buddy informed me he still had about 49 jumps left on his frieghter trip...which also includes him having to stop off at a few stations to pick up contracts and items. LOL that sucks. But we should officially be up and running at least me and 3 other pilots on starting up some of the industrial aspects. Our PVP group is still putting there ships together...but we may very well be getting into a roam this weekend into low or null sec. After looking at all the assets that were moved and the attitude of the corporation we joked about it last night when someone said " looks like we are actually doing something"

lol...till next time.

-Oh also...two WH bloggers that I been reading have made changes as well and moved to null sec for a new operations. So good luck to Star Defender, writer of Eve Online Wormholes, and Quivering Palm, writer of The Planet Risk Show and part of SI Radio Corp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Operation...recover small POS

SO ...I log on today to a notifications going blinky blinky....seems that someone found my small POS and decided to shoot at it while bored.

Out of chance I convo'ed this person and started chatting with them about the POS and how it became left all by itself. Offering to unanchor and give it to him...he came back with 100mil for finders fee....never really expecting to get this POS back and being the cost of it all....I decided that wouldnt be too bad but notified him that i wouldnt pay until it was back in highsec safety.

So far it is going good...the guy had to log off...and I am currently unanchoring the Tower itself.

So I would like to thank LmarrFudd for his assistance of POS recovery.

What has happened in the past 5 days....

                             ***Warning: This is a long Post***

The answer to the post in short....ALOT.

So in my last posting I was writing about how I decided to leave the class 1 WH I was in and cashed out with around 480 Million isk. And there were a few comments and someone asked what my next plan of action was....another WH? Yes. And....well it kinda went like this...

It seemed that my recent activities was attracting some of the corpies and fellow pod pilots that used to be in the corp. So after docking up in a station...Me and my other lead guy of the corp start to figure out how we would move this into a corporation operations...But for the time being...just me and him, until our other pilots that we keep in contact with join back up into the corporation.....

***Brief stopping point...when we started WH's a month or so after the expansion came out....we were 40 strong...setup in a class 3 with over 2 billion isk investment...We get in the WH, i think there was about 16 of us in the start, and get everything anchored and online...took about 10 hrs just getting things anchored and online. We finished up 45min before downtime. Feeling accomplished we all log for the night. I get a call 5hrs later, being asked to log onto EVE to see the POS. When I logged on...the Control Tower was sitting 60km away from the closest structure. Our ships were in the SMA except for a few people. We couldnt unachor any structures or access our ships. After reporting this to CCP, it took 3 weeks for everything to be resolved...but the effect already took place among the players. People quit the game, some still log on every now and then.... only a select few are still here chancing WH everynow and then.***

So my co-founder tells me that we should plan on being back in by back in WH today was the plan. And this convo was happening this past Saturday....**Still with me, lol** Me being the determined one and already having a POS starting setup ready to go....I started Scanning. Found a few dead WHs and a few already taken. After about an hour...BINGO...another very nice Class 1. So, right away I start moving things in....starting with a small tower, SMA, and Corp Hangar, with enough fuel for 10 days. Seeing how the WH was empty according to scan...and the system I came in through was empty AND according to dotlan hasnt had any jumps in the past few hours...I figured I was in the clear...***Thoughts on where this is going?***

SO speed up the process i start moving things with both of my toons....On my last trip I get back to the WH to find 16 ppl in system and every type of ship going through that WH...No they didnt kill me....BUT they did collapse the Entrance to the WH before my eyes....Leaving a ONLINED Small Tower, SMA, and Corp Hangar with fuel.....DOH. Lesson learned here....ALWAYS leave a toon in the WH.

OK so moving on....I still have WH kits I take a break briefly to go shoot some NPC's and come back to scanning. WH first try....Class 2 with a class 1 and class 3 inside. The class 1 and class 2 had SOME CRAZY setups in them....everything being faction structures...VERY impressive indeed. So I continue to scope out the class 3....OMG what a beautiful site....No structures, No wrecks, No presence. What was on scan...43 Cosmic Anomalies. ....Yes...43 COMBAT SITES...just waiting to be destroyed.

So again...I decided to go mobile this time and grab my WH orca on one toon and proceed in the WH...I make the transit through the class 2 and get into the class 3. I proceed to get the orca in a good SS and cloak. I then start my first site with Enyo...Now I have pretty good skills for the Drake. Been a drake pilot forever and do everything in the drake and have trained the skills to do so. HOWEVER....It takes FOREVER to run a class 3 site solo drake style. During the last wave of my first site, I casually hit directional expecting another empty scan other the the wrecks...Umm...Nope not this time...I see a Proteus named "I see you" with Sister Combat probes out....LMAO...I got the hell out of dodge quick and got to a Safe spot. And for the next 20 minutes I scanned down the rest of the signatures in the WH....and the only WHs inside the class 3 was the one i came in from the class 2 and a WH leading to Null sec. Well I have flown orcas through null sec and with a cloak I will do it all day long....I have done it many many times and so far have only lost 1 due to error on my part. *Thx Solar Fleet*....But no I had to go back through and get to High Sec....That was my route. So Changing up the drake and grabbing my Buzzard from the ship bay on the orca...I use the web/warp routine to get the Orca moving quick.  Expecting to see Mr. Proteus at the WH waiting....he was no where to be seen...So I get my orca and buzzard through no inside the class two...I dont know why ...but I completely forget to web my orca and took the buzzard striaght out into highsec. So ok...waiting for the orca to align and warp...I am sweating bullets....All I can think about is "great...another freaking loss in less than a day"...and then sure as hell...Mr. Proteus pops up on overview...11km from the orca..and I am at about 50% warp....with a full 6 seconds...this guy failed to lock me...So I get the orca in warp heading to the High Sec WH. Already there to meet me was again...Mr. Proteus...I land 6km from the Gate...And this dude is grinning I am sure...and then I hit AB....again...and thank god...I get to the WH and jump into High Sec before any dmg is done to the orca. After that...I docked up and havent brought that acct online a break.

So that was just over Saturday and Sunday...What about the past 2 days...well...My blog is called "Eve Ventures" and another buddy that i have been flying with for sometime...we get the feeling of wanting to shoot things...So we meet up...him in a in a Hawk. And we roam low sec...after a few attempts...we just couldn't get anyone to bite. Then we spot another drake...and we go for it...the only guy in system with us...on the gate my buddy is also gate tanking. Then a Harbinger shows worries...we are still good and I am taking out their drones...And then it seemed all of the *Rooks and Kings corp/alliance* not sure what they are...come through the short...we died.

We refit once back in high sec....and start to ponder....what next...and then we start thinking about the wars that have been against us in the past...other industrial corps, mercs, etc....So we look up some of the industrials that had a grudge at one point. We find them mining....oh let the good times start...we are griefing...I know its terrible, but it was so fun and also funny. We were watching the local chat start to blow up...And we started just by looting wrecks to see who would shoot at us...let alone the past two days...have been very amusing.

Now if we could do this to a full degree...take everything we have enjoyed doing and put it all in one place...that would be the best...and we all agree'ed. In which...a new corporation was born...EVE for those that havent read back to the beginning of this blog... lets review shall we:

1st post and the definition of Venture

And although we are still setting the corp up and havent formed under it as of yet....we have already started our ....our...whatever we doing atm. Right now we have a corp contest for next week starting monday. And it is kinda like the Hulkgeddon thing but not. Pretty much ...we are not suicide ganking. The rules atm are:

Contest: Most Highsec kills
Start: Monday
End: Friday @ 10pm in the pilot's respective Timezone
-High sec only
-No suicide ganking, so you must be engaged first by target first.
-T1 ships allowed to be used: BC and below
-T2 ships allowed to be used: T2 Frigates only
-Going by a point system...1 ship kill= 1 point regardless of ship class.

Reward to winner: 10mil isk

So I think I have everything there...Yeah its not much but its all for fun and when we do things like these...especially to industrials that have grieved us...we showed in that past two days...we were able to secure systems for our own industrial needs...which was nice.

Is this how we are going to operate at all times NO not at Right now the plan is as follows....each week or every other week...we are planning on switching feed the need for everyone. When we decide to do WH...a few of the scanners will start looking...once a WH has been found...we all will move in and get to work...once we can no longer run the WH...and we pull out...another member will decided what we do...say he wants to low sec roam or null sec roam...then for the next week ...we do that...and so on. SO if you were to ask for a description it would be along the lines of:

WH/Exploration/Industrial/PVP/Missions/Mining Ops/War-Decs/High-sec/low-sec/null-sec....etc.

Its a very very general and very very broad spectrum of activities we will be taking part in. So if you see us around...stop by and say "Hi" ....We may not be the biggest, best, or the baddest of EVE...But you can bet we will always be having fun!

Till next time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Packing up, moving out, and cashing in...Class 1

So last night when I log on...I had only 4 sites left to clear...cosmic anomalies that is. After clearing them, I proceeded to scan down the rest of the signatures in my Class 1 WH. And I did this in my drake so it took longer then it should've. But what I found was:

- 9 Grav sites
-10 Ladar sites
-2 Radar sites

If I only had a WH kit ready...I struggled with the decision to pull out of this WH or not. I was really thinking about mining those grav sites and maybe I should've. But after popping through my low sec static...I noticed I was only 4 jumps from highsec and 10 jumps from a Trade Hub. If nothing else I needed fuel, so I jumped Alala through to pick up fuel with a rigged out badger. At least now I had another 10 days to make a decision. After thinking about it and actually writing down the things I needed...I quickly realized that I didnt want to continue my "rushed" pattern of getting things into the WH from where ever. So I started packing up.

Leaving Alala behind at the POS to start offlining and unpacking, I went ahead and took Enyo to the Trade Hub to sell off the loot. After 4 days of being in the Class 1 WH...I cashed out with a total of 480 million isk. Not too bad for a last minute effort. And yet that was the most expensive destroyer I was flying through low sec carrying all that My chest was pounding the whole way. But now looking at how much I made over investment. I orginally invested around 200 mil isk. So I came out making back what I put into the Small POS, Corp Hangar, Ship Maint. Array, and fuel....and 280mil over very nice.

Back at the POS, things were going along smoothly...The low sec group of systems was fairly one point I saw 15 people...but I only ever saw one ship. So as arrays were offlining and unachoring, best believe I was smashing the scan button in fear of someone catching me with my pants down so to say.

Flying Enyo back to the system with my K-162, again the path was quite...I did manage to catch sight of a Domi going the same jumps I was...I have to admit the kinda made me nervous. I started checking profiles...and I would say 75% of the people in the systems were CVA or CVA counterparts.

Thing were moving smoothly at the POS...Once I got Enyo back into the WH...I boarded my Drake and orbited the WH waiting for someone to come through. Alala moved the first load through a system and unloaded at one of the low sec stations. Thankfully everything only consisted of 2 trips with the badger II. After emptying the fuel into the badger the only thing left to do once returning to WH was offlining and unachoring the POS. To my surprise...the unachoring only took 15min...for some reason I was thinking that it took 30min. But as the POS went through its count down...I logged off Alala, and Enyo warped to and sat 50km off the POS cloaked.

15min later....Alala comes on...packs up and both Alala and Enyo warp out of WH to the safety of a station. HOWEVER...I still do have a scan alt in the WH....I figure I will leave him in the WH and check on it everynow and then. Like I said earlier...I definitely left some sites undone...mostly the Grav Sites....SO IF ANY MINING CORP or anyone else that reads this and would like to get access to this WH. Just contact me on Enyo Bellona. I have all the Bookmarks for sites left in the WH...and all I have to do is scan the new WH with my Scan Alt that is left in the WH.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adding to the stocks and planning for the next move

Ahh...another day passes...the quite sounds of W-space is haunting yet pleasing at the same time.

After checking Dotlan, I noticed that there were 7 jumps made in my WH system. seemed to just be people passing through. I am guessing that not many people think that Class 1 WH's are profitable. Which of course is pleasing me with untouched sites.

So after logging and and doing the inital Directional looked to be like I am still the only one in here...which is good. I have yet to activate any WH leaving, but that doesnt mean that my passing vistors are not activating them either. Wspace life so far is continuing to be good to me. I ran about 9 sites last night leaving me with 4 more cosmic anomalies to go before i start scanning the signatures down and working on them. As of last night I was showing 23 either a few more sites spawned or a few k-162 had developed. My "normal" number of sig's has been a 19 for the first 2 days. Well we can always hope for more sites. With the way things are going looks like I probably am going to need to do a fuel run as well. Still trying to figure out if I should clear the grav sites or not....I think I will base this on my scan today...or invite a few corp mates in do get it done.

Chatted with a few buddies of mine to find out that they are still in a War dec and hiding in WH space. These guys just are not having any luck. I was briefly with them in the corp that they are in, but only for 3 days. I couldn't grasp the way the corp was being ran for a WH operation. And I wont be going into many details. But after leaving 1 wormhole that had "dried-up", these guys quickly found a new WH that was ok and they were just happy to get the move down quickly with there war still going on.*this is the bad luck part*...Shortly after getting moved in and settled...they had a roaming crew enter there WH...and if i remember right...these were BC's, T3's, and Recons that entered. So seeing how the pvp experience wouldnt be in their favor, of course they stayed with'n the confines of their POS. And the new vistors helped themselves to all of the sites in the WH....yes....ALL OF THE SITES...LMAO....omg I almost started crying I was laughing so hard.

Now I am not a mean person, but the irony of the whole situation is just too funny. I was in that corp for 3 days. And I left it 3 days ago...and I have now been in my Class 1 WH for 3 days...So far in 3 days according to price checks on the market, I am sitting on roughly between 400-500million isk of loot between Melted Nano Ribbons, Neural Networks, and Sleeper Data Libraries. I figured this up after telling them about what I have done since I left the corp they are in. Yeah I probably could be making more in a class 2 or definitely a class 3, but hey....who's this guy.

So what next...Well I still have this WH to we have that. After talking with my buddies in other corp...they are unsure of what they are going to do...but I definitely need to get some "WH Kits" made up. After talking with StarDefender, last night, I recieved some handy tips for my larger POS setups. *Thanks Alot Star* So I am pretty excited. My toons are on there way to Iteron Mark V's. I think the closest is 18 days away. I roll all Caldari pilots so....yeah...have to train some But the next WH...I will definintely have my "mining crew" in with there will be no wondering if I should mine or not.

The other debate is whether or not to Start a completely a new corp just for WH purposes and leave from the Industrial named corp I have now. This is another one I am unsure of. But which means....that there will be more typing in the future when I do figure these things out. Till then...the sleepers are out there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1 wreck 2 wreck 3 wrecks...what happened in here?

So still being pretty excited about getting into Wormholes and finding a class 1 home recently, I tend to get that..... "I wonder if someone is in my Wormhole" feeling while at work yesterday.

I had that run of cat-and-mouse with the russian that found the WH and to be honest...I know I havent seen him, but I also started to wonder if he just logged off. So yesterday during a break, I decided to log onto Dotlan and check the status of my Class 1 WH. Looking at the stats I can see where he popped my scan alt's ship...and the sleeper kills and jumps....Everything looked like how it should. And still even later in the day...the thought continued to brew in my head...."SOMEONE IS IN MY WH"....I was so sure and so determined that there was...

So I look again on dotlan on my last break...sure as $H!T...There are some Sleepers being killed and I saw about 4 jumps...Damn...someone is robbing my site and laughing.

The day comes to an end and I eventually head home. Eager to jump on EVE and wreck some havoc on whoever was in....Yet I did not....I pushed the desire to the side and got some other things i needed to get done and spent some time watching TV with the wife...and then she put on her "TLC" and well I can only sit through so many "What not to wear" TV shows without twitching....

Finally...fired up the Laptop and launched my ship loads on grid...I immediately start hitting scan...and lo behold....wrecks and corpse everywhere....umm WTF happened here....Seeing the corpse names I decided to convo these people up. None of the names were of the russian guy...and I was thinking maybe he was in here and these unforunate people got to meet him up close and personal.

However, they did not. They were part of a young corp and under 6 month old toons. Apparently, these guys found the WH, I am guessing from a High Sec entrance, and decided to didnt look like they did much to my either more sites spawn'ed and it balanced out...or they could hack the class 1. But as they decided to leave...the WH collapsed on them and guess what...yep, none of them had a probe launcher or they decided to shoot themselve out among each other....LMAO.

So there was no Mr. Russian and after figuring out what happened, I proceeded to run some of the cosmic anomalies. I ran for only a few hours...3 i think...and I still have about 13 sites left to go before I start up on the Cosmic Signatures. Now I know I have a few LADAR sites...and I do have gas harvesters in the WH with me...and I know that there are a few Grav sites...So now I am trying to figure out...since I have to get some more fuel in a few days...Should I go ahead and pull in a Large POS and Intensive Refining Array and knock out some of these grav sites?

I am not of yet...on which I am going to do...but maybe I will pull in a few corp mates for the Grav sites and share the wealth alittle.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving back into WH life...Found a Class 1

So Sunday night I was scanning...just to see if I could find another WH and what things inside were looking like. From talking to other people in game and reading a few other seemed that alot of people are finding that the WH's are more and more occupied. So i didnt expect to find anything worth while.

However before i logged last scan...BAM...found me a Wormhole. Again with no real expectations, I decided to take a looksy inside. What I found was an Class 1 that was not occupied. On first inital scan of the system...33 Cosmic Anaomlies and 19 Cosmic Signatures....OH YES...I did the most unprepared move in ever. I didnt have any WH kits ready to go...and my normal routine consisted of packing up the ocra and going mobile style. However...this class one brought a new aspect to my attention that I forgot....Orcas dont fit...and neither do Transport ships...ARGGH....ok.

So I quickly start buying things:

1 small Gallente tower
2 weeks worth of fuel
1 corp hangar

Ok so i should be good...and it was a race against time, because the WH was near closing...I get my scan alt in so if anything was to happen i could find it again. I get Enyo into the WH with the Drake...and alala is flying all over creation to pick up the needed materials...I get Alala to the WH...I see the WH...I go to Click the "enter" button...i see no more WH...It literally closed right then and there.

*SIGH*...ok so on my drake i do have scan i commence to start scanning the signature to find the new WH. In doing this i found quite a few LADAR and Grav sites. I didnt keep track because i was looking for that unknown status. But luck prevails and I didnt have to scan down every signature...I locate the new WH and find out that it appears that I have a Static Low...which i am actually happy about...should be less traffic. So now I pack everything into the ORCA and make my 19 jump trip to the closest high sec. ***Oh and this happened to be around Old Man Star (I think that is the system name)***. I pull out the badger and pack in the POS, hangar, SMA, and a week of fuel. I started jumping through the low sec systems with my heart just pounding expecting to get caught.

Now I make it to the i figure hellz yeah...all lights are green...I start to deploy the POS so my toons have a place to Sit...Start putting the fuel into the POS ....and guess what...I got the wrong Isotopes...I have minmatar fuel and not gallente...*ANOTHER SIGH* back into low sec with the badger to find fuel.

*Fuel gathered...POS Launched...Logged for the Night*

Now last night...excited about my new found treasure WH...I log on expecting to see that Beautiful message that the grid needs to load....No message...(*$#%(#@_)@(# and all that. lets see who is in my new home. ok no worries. This guy actually warped to the POS too so i had all the info i needed. Russian, 3 man corp...and he also had an alt in the WH with a Cheetah. So me and him played cat and mouse for awhile. He did manage to get my scan alt and just destroyed the ship and left the POD...not sure why but ok. So I start clearing sites...not really worried about this guy...he was staying cloaked. Now i get about two sites cleared and figure'd i should start Salvaging.

I always fit a cloak on non-combat i am out salvaging and i see combat probes (with russian name) out in no worries...I cloak. 30 sec later...the probes go away...So i start to continue a few wreck dissappear from his his combat probes come out again....I see them so i cloak...*Nothing better or funnier the ninja salvaging your own kills*  We repeat this process for about an hour or two. I even started to clear sites again...with using this same process...Eventually Mr.Russian got tired of playing games and I didnt see combat probes again. So either he logged or he decided to leave the WH.

Looking at my salvage last night, I think so far I am running around 100million isk worth of loot. Not too shabby for a Class 1. And depending how much more I can pull in through the combat sites...I am thinking about bring in a large POS to hit up the Grav sites. Last night I only ran 7 sites. And i figured it up time wise...I can run, clear, and salvage 3 sites in 1 hour. So two hours of work netting me around 100mil...

SO happy that i have moved back into WH...and I will probably stay with WH now for awhile. I am actually curious on how long I can live in my current WH and still be productive. Tonight i will see if anymore sites spawn'ed. But till then...Fly safe and fly smart!

Monday, April 12, 2010

COME ON....not again!!!

Ya just figures! What is it they always say...if it seems to good to be true then it probably is.

What a if you read my last post, you know that i found a new corp and still was residing in 0.0(null sec). Well man was life sweet. In fact life was so sweet, that some of the Bellona family also ended up down in Null sec bringing there Mobile Orca Wrecking Crew with them. And then....3 weeks....I dont believe it was a full 3 weeks in the corp....and we get the email:

 Darklore United will be closing down!

It doesnt go with out saying....EVERYONE in the corp learned this news with a sadness in there heart. From what I am seeing...I guess a few things happened in the upper echlon of power...and the current operations just wasnt possible to keep up without creating security risks. SO...With this news I had to do something and something quick, because of the weekend deadline, I didnt want any of my crew to be stuck in 0.0 in mining ships...LOL...neutral to everyone. (However, a buddy showed me a video last night of a guy doing pvp in a HULK and kicking @$$).

So after getting all my assests in the station...we have that will be going back to high sec...Orca, Hulk, Kestrel...lots of loot, personal BPOs, ammo, minerals, .....the big things were Orca, Hulk, and BPOS....lots of potential isk lost here. So what do I do....I do what every Enyo does best...I pack the orca up...Strap Alala in as the Orca pilot...Cloaking device installed on the big beast. Enyo gets into a Kestrel for the needed scouting with cloaking device installed....

If you havent guessed by now....YES, I flew and jumped the orca some 30 jumps through NULL SEC...and Yes i made it all the way to empire with out getting popped. So what is the going rate for Orca's and Hulk's...I considered myself making about 600mil since i didnt lose those ships...and we wont even talk about BPOs. But safe in Empire...It was time to find the next thing to do.....Tune in for the Next Post coming at ya very SOON!

Oh...and to my now former CEO: Whiskey514, I hope you find something else in Eve. It was a very sad day to hear you were closing down. Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New corp...still 0.0...smooth flying

Hello Everyone...Well after thinking long and hard I ended up leaving my old alliance and joining another corporation that was residing in 0.0.

So far it has actually been going pretty good....hell who am I kidding ...this corp is great and seems like the perfect fit for what I am looking for to do in game. So between my two characters, Enyo Bellona and Alala Bellona, I have been mining and ratting. Lately I have been looking more and more at the anomalies that we are able to run. And for the most part I usually dual box, Alala being the industrialist miner she is and Enyo launching missiles everywhere.

Yesterday I had a $400million isk scare. How it all started...there was a neutral in system. No one seemed to know who the person was and apparently they were in the corp for about 3 days. I later learned that the toon was booted for thoughts of being a spy. Ok...right on. Well there we were sitting at the POS just BS'ing. AND THEN...the freaking neut shows up at the POS....IN A are you we find him and get him uncloaked...and then a Hulk proceeds to tear the pod up with his drones. I get in a missile finishing up what the drones couldnt do....BYE BYE NEUT. Sitting in the vent channels we are all laughing about what just happened.

So 5min of the guys comes into vent wanting to know who just show this neut down. Come to find out...the neut belonged to one of the Directors in the corp and also had about $400mil worth of implants in ...DOH...which of course had the other people in channel that didnt do any shooting laugh harder and harder...while me and the lonely hulk pilot are looking at our wallets debating who what going to pay for these implants if it came down to it. All in all...the guy said not to worry about it. In the end...we definitely all got a quick lesson on paying attention to VENT and the differ chat channels. Since the guy never spoke up about his new found alt...he bit the bullet and we all took it as a learning experience.

On other notes...with the anamolies...I am slowly working up to see what I can 'solo'. Right now Enyo is using a Drake...which is the same thing I run all level 4 missions with....The question right now is Havens and Sanctums. Angel Faction. I have done everything below these two site types...but just am not sure about entering these for solo. I was also trying to figure out...what about the TENGU or the NIGHTHAWK...would one of these ships be a better choice for running the high level anomalies? Now someone has said something about using a carrier to run the sites...which may be a viable option in a month or two...but right now I having some training focus in other directions. 

Any feed back here or in game would be welcomed about the anomalies thoughts....

Till next time...keep shooting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Off and on

So I havent really been on to much lately. A mix of RL and just not feeling like playing. Although the times I have been playing its been alright. Things with the alliance/corp...are alright...They seem to work together pretty well but since I dont have much online time, it almost seem pointless in being here. About 2 weeks ago I did get into some pvp with the corp.

Overall, that little event ended pretty badly...especially with the lost of my drake. And not to place blame on any one person....just pretty much have to chock it up to confusion over comm's. And that my friends is something to put a downer on anyones day. And if I remember was just a few days after I joined back into the alliance.

My trade goods having been doing good in null sec. So that kinda helped with the lost of my drake.

But back to what I was saying...I am kinda feeling that maybe joining back into this alliance wasnt the best thing for me atm. I am looking for something that can fit and move along with my current playing style. Now I do have a miner placed in another alliance and so far that fit has been perfect. I am not sure but I might move Enyo into that same alliance. HTA is a good group and all, but I really dont have the time that is needed to dedicate to these guys and the plans they have going. This other place....there are certain things that I can do to still assist the goals and I do them as an individual or with the team. So so far it seems like that is the fit that I might need to be in. Especially with the next 5 months coming.

In 2 months, Me and my wife are expecting our first child and then 2-3 months after that we will be moving to Hawaii. So alot of changes coming real quick real And when I do get to Hawaii...when ever I do start to play changes the timezone by quite a the crowds online might change a bit.

And this new when I log back onto EVE in Hawaii....EVERYTHING will be different. Now I am looking at this from the industrial view point. The devs talk about being able to harvest from the planets and a few other things....but...and I may have not read this yet...but what the hell are we going to be able to do with what is harvested. Are these "planet" materials/minerals going to be worked into the BPOs of modules out currently? It is definitely interesting and I look forward to this "industrial expansion" in EVE. I started playing the game being brought into the industrial aspect.

Hope all is well to any readers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rejoining the old alliance...

So last night I went ahead and joined backing to the alliance I used to part of. Only last time I had my own corporation within this alliance. Well this time I just joined into a corp within the alliance. The whole leadership roles have taken its toll on me in this game and ATM I really just have no interest in being a "leader" for me to be the cause of a headache, eh!...Good times good times. So after joining I parked the ole' drake and jumped into my SB.

After thinking about the market and having to re-stock myself once i arrived backing 0.0 yet again. I decided to take a few market items with me...ofc i need to make a few selfless iskies I took down...LOL i aint telling, but a few empire items ofc found their way into 0.0 with the markups required for such a starving market. Now I am not gouging the no means would i do that...but i did put enough mark up on the many and various items to counteract the cost of me needing to buy the ships and modules i needed to start out with. So i will get my iskies over time. Not to mention a few blanket BPOs that i believe i will be able to turn some small profits on while i am done their for this duration.

Thats right baby...its always about the iskies and the ways to make 'em. The astounding part really does seem like things have gotten alot better since the last time i was down in null working with this alliance. Time will only tell though. The alliance is growing and has grown light years from when i first left it. Hell i believe they are still recruiting corps and players is the "Recruitment Plug"...

If you read this blog or have maybe just caught eye of this one posting...and are interested in Null sec and a established alliance with quite a few systems.... :o) .... Please contact "Gallinae" in-game(EVE).  I mean you can contact me and ask a question but with all the changes i will overall be directing you to Gallinae. All i if you do contact him...mention that you were referred/heard about the alliance from my Blog. Ya know...give some kudos!

A few of the old corpies convo'ed me last night too asking what was up...well like i told them...just trying to make some iskies. Things have been so dead...or more so on my part i reckon. With RL, i just havent had much time for the game lately...So i have been looking for the ways to maximize my isk making abilities. And it is always interesting to see how other side of EVE is playing. So i guess the only question now that i am in null sec...where can i best utilize my efforts...again i think this is a question that will just be answered over time.

Although last night once i was back down in the "Null" and properly pieced together my ship...i did some ratting. I didnt get to involved in the alliance last night since i just moved down and didnt have VOIP abilities last night. So while ratting...some dude in an Arazu decided he was going to attempt to take out my drake...LMAO are you serious...This guys arazu vs my drake ...1v1....ROFLMAO...all i can say is he is lucky that he could keep his distance while dampening me. So of course he sends out his drones...well...that doesnt mean they made it back to him. Ya can dampen me...but i will be damned if i am not going to shoot something. So...when he didnt launch drones...i would continue to shoot the belt rats...oh i am also tanking 2 BS and 3 BC's while this guy is trying to pwn me. And he does have me scram'ed so it wasnt like i could get away. So i continue and chain'ed the belt...killed drones everytime he launched them on me...I even let him think he was killing me...turned my hardners off for a few sec to let me HP's get low...LOL...more drones come...hardners back on...drones die...overall it was a stalemate other then me killing his T2 drones. But i do have a plan for Mr. Arazu pilot...i hope to see him again. According to intel he loves hanging out in the system i was in and killing the easy players and miners...I think I smell a few traps coming up..

But to be honest...i owe it to this guy...he has given be new found purpose in EVE...See I know he is going to stick around because he has been scoring some kills...And now i get to hunt him down...each time...Tracing this one dude my new eve goal...So hello Mr. Arazu Russian Pilot, I am your new bestest Friend in EVE....Coming to a space near you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 i dont know

Hello has been sometime since i have posted. In my last post I was talking about doing some "yarr"....well that kinda fell through...after about a week of being down there was fun but i lost interest pretty quick. Not to mention, I had some RL activities going on that keeps me away from EVE. So I am on no where to the amount of time that i used to be on.

So what now....hell I really dont know. Being that I only log on and actually play maybe 2 times a week, I have started looking for what activities I could do and still be doing something. seemed to be the answer to this so far. Being that I already had BPOs from before....I was just collecting them....I already had part of this evolution done. They are researched as well. So now its just training up PE V on a toon to really get things going but I have messed around with a few things here and there already. I started out with 110mil investment in minerals....From them I have been building what items it looks that i would turn some profit on.  In doing so i have also taken an item or two and have spread them across different systems. I am definitely starting to see a patteren in what sells where. AND THEN AGIAN...there are some things that absolutely are not making sense on how items are way it stimulates the ole'brain for thinking and i find it enjoyable so far.

I have also started back up into has been awhile since i have done this...but last time i was really into it worked out pretty well. Now i never did amass the billions that i hear ppl claiming to...but then again i like to spend my iskies TOO. At one point in doing this i started trading for investors in the alliance i was in. It wasnt too bad. I was able to take an investment...and in a week or less, payback the investment plus 10% and still profit for myself as well.

And #3 item is...the alliance i used to be in is telling they have a place for me when ever i am ready to come this may involve me having to leave my current corp.....who knows...but it is definitely nice to have the options. But if i do production toon will stay in the corp which it is in and my trade toon would be staying in the corp which it is in as well. So all and all business would continue to move on as usual.

Hmm...what else has happened...oh LMAO...last week we were apparently 'War-Dec'ed' by a 2man corp. Talking about getting people excited. I logged on one night to check my skill training...and there were emails shooting all over about hunting down the players the dec'ed us. Already the guys had info...last locations...ships placed where it does amaze me how active people quickly get with a small amount of excitement...which would also show you how slow it really has been in the corp as of lately.

But well i am off....still trying to figure out which way to go...till then having fun when i am on and watching the market move!

Friday, February 12, 2010

...hmmm...i know ...YARR!

LMAO...So last night started out very frustrasting and ended nicely and even with a few laughs.

So it starts out...I log on...and well I have been doing mining as of lately for easy semi afk iskies while I work on various things around the house. Finally I get some time to log off the laptop, my mobile EVE, and go log on the desktop. And there I am....sitting in a a vessel used for mining....Life sucks. This is just boring...i remember when i first started the game and it brought such thrill to me. But now...everytime i do it....i try to find a reason not to hit the self destruct....BOOM bye bye miner.

So having enough...i contact a buddy....repackage the needed items, reprocess the others...contract over the stuff...BAM...transportation taken care of. *Red Frog Frieght...good service*.

So back to my "home" station and I am trying to figure out what to do. So i go check out the blogs i am following....looking through randoms dates i found one that was pretty entertaining and he posted about one time out...apparently he found himself a russian.

And it all started with a simple convo opener.."how are you doing" or "how is your ship doing"...something along the lines of that...then following the posted convo...2mins later the russian calls the guy a "whore" and then starts typing russian. Still following the convo, the other party attempts to figure out what is being said and says something about meeting for Tea and the russian being thankful for assisting him in ship removal.

I died laughing at the context here, even told the wife about it. THEN IT DEFINITELY HAPPENED...why am i waiting for a corp to join. Quickly I jumped into a rifter i had already made for this purpose...knowing that one day it was going to happen...too manys thoughts about it...and i few my little caldari ass down to some low sec.

Now before starting...i was way excited so i had to slow down and make sure i was doing things right...i stopped in a station...bought 2 extra ships and some others...ok i believe i am good. Low sec was next door and i was ready for some fun. I have done high sec wars, and null sec battles...but low sec is supposedly all together a differ beast. DAMN...wife hurry and get her a drink...yeah yeah...well pregnacy beats EVE...ok back to the game and task at hand...So i warp to a spot and start checking my directional...looks like a caracal is near i find him in a belt ratting....Grin on my face and engines kicking out all the power they can i charge...

Target....lock...scram...web...guns....WTF....My Shields gone, Armor gone...POD...At this point. i like to mention...i am just staring at the computer....UHHH...WTF. Still there in my pod just looking at the caracal. And then it hits me....i never jumped into low sec. I got distracted by the wife for a few minutes and all i had on my mind was low sec. DOH...and the fail doesnt stop there... Thanking Concord for reminding me that i was in highsec, i warp back to the station with my ships........wait for it..........yep you have probably already guessed it....i undocked...again at station...BOOM....DAMNIT...

All those poor mini slaves lost...Dock back up. and now a buddy gets me talking about it...a few minutes into convo he asks me if my wreck was still there and if i looted it... *grins* happened again...undock Ba'BOOM.  At this point...i can not wait to get out of high sec....i dock up and leave my desk for 30 min. This trend had to be broken.

Alright 30min later...I gets back...eager more now then ever...i fly to a trade hub somewhat near myself a it out for 5 frigs with fittings to play with...throw it all in my transport...and head off this time to a system with medical services...determined to do better this time around. I find my station...i fit each ship right there...making sure not to rush. I then insure each ship...then i check my clone and station...make sure that is all upto with a few buddies...and ok i am set...i think.


Ok so its been awhile since i have done some pvp...i warp off to make a SS.  I see 4 people in local. Coming out of warp...whoa...there is a pod warping into the same spot...

*if you have seen the treasure cat from Alice in grins are one of the same*

I start spamming the target....Lock...SCRAM...hehehe...So i dont even get to do anything here...Bam Convo request pops upto me...and i am a very social person i like to think. So i accept and the first sentence almost as soon as the convo'ed opened..."ok how much do you want?" Already i like this guys attitude. 15mil later he was a free pod on his travels. However i learned later by looking up in local. That he lost his ship literally 40sec earlier before meeting me...ROFLMAO damn...if that doesnt suck i dont know what does.

So i continue on my SS the same time scanning the directional and keeping eyes on local. One guy in local apparently was trying to do a 1v1...and after him some russians and atlas poped into to me...i was thinking this had to be a setup. The toon was just a few months after a few minutes of finishing my SS...i convo'ed the guy...
me-"ok man i will bite...where at?"
him- how bout the station?
me- oh hell no...dont think so
him- ok where?
me- planet 1
him- ok warping...going for podding?
me- is that what you want?
him- yeah sure, why not...

ok so i warp at a distance away to first look for the setup...sure was just him in a rifter also. after a few seconds i figured what the hell...i will try to take him out before anyone jumps in...we both start flying at each other...20km away i click half screen below him....12km i hit orbit.... This little shit is hauling ass around me and definitely out of range of my guns. After a quick  sec i realize he has artillery and a MWD fitted...i am not getting closer then 15km from him....and he is taking my shields down a little at a time...Not being to worried...i break warp and fly course to his dismay, this breaks his orbit and has his ship following me now...i cut my engines and turn around directly for him...*BAM* he is quickly 6km from me...LOCK SCRAM WEB...lets see ya move fast now....and the OH SHIT WTF comes across the convo...LMAO i get him locked down and orbit his i realize he also doesnt have a scram on either...he just webs me...but my cannons tear his hull a new one. I let him keep his pod as i look into his wreck...nothing big...all T1 stuff.

After that we both greet with "GF" and he moves on...later as i am searching around...jumping SS to SS...i find his capsule on directional...ok now its a differ i warp to him a few times...scaring him, but he managed to warp around in his pod before i could lock each time. Once his counter was done he left the system.

So that concluded my night...some would say Pirate...but i like to think of it all now as providing the "missing content" that so many like to say isnt around and there is nothing to do in EVE. In which now i also believe if you encounter another capsuleer in low should be nice and thank him for providing you that game experience you have been looking for...and even more so give him some isk for all their hard work to provide such services for you to enjoy the game.

Till next time,

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well being that my corp is at a mute status and it is now just a holding for some assets and a few people that wish to just stay in a named corp. I am now looking around at differ corps in EVE.

Pretty much looking for something to get into. Now i have talked to a few people already. And umm i like to point out "looking for something to do/get into" ....probably means that if i am looking or talking to your means that something that you have said or your corp does has caught my eye and i am interested. And interested meaning that if/when i joined...all my assests/eve time would be directed towards the corp direction.... Because why would we join any corporation if we didnt want to participate in the activitites, right?

I have also heard that after looking at my skills...LOL...that i look like an "all-around" skilled player...LMAO well duh...i have always considered myself a "jack of all trades"...But again...wouldn't a player that has skills everywhere including some nice spacecommand level V's and alot of other high level easier to get into the action of a corp compared to the 1-2 month toon with 1.5-3mil sp toon?

Anywayz...i not really looking for anything in particular, but looking for everything. It really dont matter...I have just enjoyed my lonesome playing style for a bit and now i am looking for some teamwork...something that just goes "DAMN...that was AWESOME" that too much to ask? Well i havent posted to the forums as of yet...seems like an evil way to get badgered to me...but i may have to go that route i assume.
If you read this and look at ^ what ya see give me a page here or in game...AND Please ignore what ever skill you see training...Mining Barge V is training....LOL that doesnt mean i cant pvp...i do have some kills being that i lived in 0.0 for a time. I have noticed that a few people have seen Mining barge and completely ignored that i have all caldari T1 ships at level V as well as other skills i have.

Till next time fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Thursday, February 4, 2010

RL beckons

Well been kinda away for the past few days. Things in the RL of Enyo Bellona have kinda picked up. This has somewhat limited the activities with my time online.

So whats up now....lots and lots of mining. And maybe getting back into productions. These type of activities are relatively low demanding. So I decided to buy a freighter to help get things moved around with this type of play starting up. Right now I am sitting at two accounts and am trying to figure out whether or not a third account would be worth it. Right now i have an Hulk/orca/freighter pilot and a general PVE/PVP pilot. My my general pve pilot isnt to far from either a hulk or an orca. So I am thinking of training up a third account for the use of an hulk or an orca......the idea would be having two hulks and 1 orca.

I did also move locations for this activity. Found a pretty nice area that has few the belts are nice....however being in a system with no station makes a few things alittle more complicated being that i do not have a POS out here....something to think about i suppose. Anywayz, i am off.

Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Most violent systems and a stranded BS needing help...

Last night system PF-346 was ranking the most violent system for a hour or so... What a great place to go check out.

Eve Ventures (Manticore) ship is packed and ready to go. Flying out from my home wasnt too bad...only 15 jumps to system. So as I started...people in corp and public channel was asking what I was doing...I told them my idea and of course they started laughing.

But alright get the the  gate before system...66 people in I start to think of all the possible outcomes, I begin to grin a bit. Well this is either going to be a very short venture....or a completely dull one. As I jump and enter syndicate region. I remember someone telling me that GOONS have somewhat moved into this region....confirmed by looking at the Cry Havoc does seem a good bit of them have been dying here...So...we got Cry Havoc., Ev0ke, IT, Goonswarm, and a few other small alliances in this area....NOW DOES THAT SPELL PARTY OR WHAT!.

In PF systems now...only 11 freaking people in this system...first thought of course was how the hell was this the most violent system. OK...well there is only 2 gates in this systems so there is only one path that people can take....I warp on to the next gate to see if at least there is a gate camp set up... And there are about 4 ships all at random safe points over 150km away from the gate... I am not sure if they were working together or not... At one point I saw the 4 ships together and for quite some time. And then out of no where...BAM...3 of the ships start attacking the 4th member...LMAO...never trust anyone I guess.

So after 1 bombing attempt and failing at that...I sat around for about 20 more min and nothing happening. So time to start looking at the map....seeing where I was located and what was was only about 20 more jumps to some where that looked to be in the middle of the Fountain region. And let me tell was a pretty unevent trip. Passing through systems and throwing up the "o/" ...people are either afk alot...or scared to talk to new comers. AND I wasnt asking to see a titan this time around in space....just saying HI.

Well about 4 jumps from destination, i recieve a random convo. Apparently 1 of the pilots saw me wave and was asking if I was looking for something or needed something. After a pretty decent convo, I come to learn that this pilot in fact was stranded in the middle of Fountain. And not only stranded...his corp earlier that day i guess decided to launch a TCU in the middle of Fountain. LOL. I asked this guy if his head was screwed on right...I mean I know I am not all there flying all over where I have been at....but at the same time...I freaking pulling out the Tent and campfire in someone else's backyard either.

So I am curious to hear the outcome of this. SO if any IT alliance guys or these guys who I am talking about will keep me posted...nice...I will post any info I get about this situation.

Anywayz...back to this guy is stranded in a Typhoon out here with no other members...LMAO...and has half his armor and apparently no armor reps...oh and is cloaked somewhere near a TCU his alliance/corp launched. Having nothing else to do...and this being the first interesting thing of the night....I offer my services to scout him back to high sec.


But I am neutral to most of eve and hey I am a friendly for the sake of good convo and something to do...we wait a few min for his other buddy in a manticore to show up. And then we are off. Funny though...both of these guys are deciding to be in null sec but neither have scouted or know about how to scout....again...the trip out back to high sec was very quite too...

The only scene of interest was when an ares was coming up on our back for what ever reason...I was thinking arazu. I dont know why and I didnt realize it till after it was too late to do anything. But I was thinking...damn I could let this guy chase the Typhoon...hold my cloak...and then BOOM goes the bomb....bye bye interceptor.

Well so back in high sec and docked up. I ended the night. I was looking at the Sov influence map noting the differ alliances. I see some alliance called "Looney Tunes"....I wonder if they are funny at all. I am thinking about heading up to visit them and to say "Hi" to Razor alliance as well. Never have been up that way....dont see any reason why not to go.

Till next time...Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Friday, January 29, 2010

Convo with a GOON and a IT alliance members

[04:32:04] EVE System Channel MOTD: Welcome to the New Angels Public Channel.

If you have have any questions please contact Enyo Bellona.

[04:32:33] Enyo Bellona > are you really recruiting out of local?

[04:33:12] Cytrimet Nittriam > SIGMA DOES NOT RECRUIT

[04:33:15] Cytrimet Nittriam > SIGMA IS

[04:34:17] Enyo Bellona > lol

[04:34:26] baschthe tirent > wow

[04:48:44] Enyo Bellona > yo

[04:48:47] Enyo Bellona > LMAO

[04:48:55] Enyo Bellona > what is a goonswarm sky marhsal?

[04:49:08] Hendrik Stahl > I am

[04:49:14] Enyo Bellona > LOL

[04:49:21] Hendrik Stahl > I ran the defense of 49- a couple weeks ago

[04:49:32] Enyo Bellona > ok so is the current status of affairs?

[04:49:33] Hendrik Stahl > I was even interviewed by the ISD about it

[04:49:34] Enyo Bellona > Nice

[04:49:53] Hendrik Stahl > So who are you writing for?

[04:49:55] Enyo Bellona > to let you know i will be posting this convo on my feel free to let it all out

[04:50:10] Hendrik Stahl > where is this blog I truly must know

[04:50:12] Enyo Bellona >

[04:50:57] Hendrik Stahl > Alright, I'll chill with you here

[04:50:57] Enyo Bellona > i like to consider myself and this corp a jack-of-all trades, masters of none

[04:51:13] Enyo Bellona > and i have yet to interview goons

[04:51:19] Enyo Bellona > JOURNALISM RULES ALL

[04:51:21] Hendrik Stahl > If you want an interview you gotta bust out with the questions

[04:51:47] Enyo Bellona > Can i get pictures of GOON Titans?

[04:52:06] Enyo Bellona > /emote begs

[04:52:17] Hendrik Stahl > Goon titans don't actually look any different from anybody else's

[04:52:29] Enyo Bellona > lmao fair answer

[04:52:40] Hendrik Stahl > What we really want though

[04:52:49] Hendrik Stahl > Is to put up a spray on our ships

[04:52:57] Enyo Bellona > does goons believe they will be able to hold Delve?

[04:53:10] Enyo Bellona > tagging?

[04:53:39] Hendrik Stahl > The spray will be a wizard fighting a dragon, and the wizard is smoking a bong and the dragon is lighting the bong w/ his fire breath

[04:53:55] Hendrik Stahl > That would be the best spaceship tag

[04:54:01] Enyo Bellona > like a new alliance logo

[04:54:31] Hendrik Stahl > Does GoonSwarm think that we will hold Delve. Well.

[04:54:35] Enyo Bellona > what does it take to join goons?

[04:54:55] Hendrik Stahl > 500m isk and passing a API security check

[04:55:06] Hendrik Stahl > You get the isk back after you pass

[04:55:16] Enyo Bellona > lol i have heard of that one already...LMAO

[04:55:34] Hendrik Stahl > It's how I got in

[04:55:39] Hendrik Stahl > Next question

[04:56:15] Enyo Bellona > day in the life of a goon member is like what?

[04:57:40] Hendrik Stahl > Alright.

[04:58:02] Enyo Bellona > that your answer?





[04:59:14] Hendrik Stahl > That's pretty much my morning

[04:59:24] Enyo Bellona > lol

[04:59:34] Enyo Bellona > care to tell us what IT thinks of GOONS

[04:59:38] Enyo Bellona > doing an interview

[04:59:47] Hendrik Stahl > hey what is this ambush journalism

[05:00:00] Enyo Bellona > no just wanna get point of view from both sides

[05:00:11] Perseus Kallistratos > 0/

[05:00:17] Hendrik Stahl > sup

[05:00:24] Enyo Bellona > Goons are the favorite alliance to be hated after all

[05:00:36] Hendrik Stahl > ^________________________________________^

[05:01:03] Perseus Kallistratos > I don't neccesarily hate Goons, although my CEO has strong sentiments regarding the matter. In fact I feel bad for the line level soldiers in Goon right now.... they pretty much got hosed.

[05:01:07] Enyo Bellona > So perseus, just trying to get some convo for my blog

[05:01:31] Enyo Bellona > oh nice straight answer...thankyou for that

[05:01:49] Hendrik Stahl > It was our own fault

[05:01:57] Perseus Kallistratos > I think that its irony at its best... given what happened a year ago.

[05:01:58] Hendrik Stahl > We should have never trusted Theta Squad

[05:02:08] Crixia > Goons man how does it feel to know that your alliance is the most hated in EVE?

[05:02:18] Enyo Bellona > what happened with Theta Squad?

[05:02:33] Hendrik Stahl > Theta Squad is responsible for the sov loss

[05:03:03] Enyo Bellona > ah ok...finally some answers to that question

[05:03:17] Hendrik Stahl > Sigma never trusted Theta, but Theta Squad pulls the strings on the directorate, so the directors wouldn't let us shoot them

[05:04:02] Hendrik Stahl > Sigma finally began moving on Theta, calling them out for their bullshit, getting the other squads on our side

[05:04:37] Enyo Bellona > Perseus, was it a year ago when BOB had their issue?

[05:04:55] Hendrik Stahl > February 5th actually

[05:05:00] Perseus Kallistratos > yeah very close

[05:05:06] Enyo Bellona > oh wow

[05:05:17] Perseus Kallistratos > NOL station buddled up... sort of like Pr- station bubbled up

[05:05:20] Hendrik Stahl > (he personally was never in BoB)

[05:05:28] Perseus Kallistratos > yup

[05:05:52] Hendrik Stahl > Just clarifting for the interviewer, Maverick buddy

[05:05:57] Enyo Bellona > So you two in channel now....can you give my readers any future thoughts on how this all is going to play out from each of your point of views?

[05:06:09] Perseus Kallistratos > Goons won't be hated for long

[05:06:23] Perseus Kallistratos > They all spam that in local and its true

[05:06:56] Hendrik Stahl > Perseus you are a pretty chill dude.

[05:06:56] Perseus Kallistratos > I don't necessarily think IT will be the big bad boy... but Goons will have sympathy for what happened

[05:07:10] Hendrik Stahl > Let's be friends ok?

[05:07:24] Hendrik Stahl > I'll put you in my address book ok?

[05:07:32] Perseus Kallistratos > sounds good. call me PK

[05:07:55] Crixia > you guys will be like romeo and Juliet to an extent

[05:07:57] Hendrik Stahl > :hfive:

[05:08:03] Enyo Bellona > lol YES ENYO THE MATCH MAKER....

[05:08:06] Enyo Bellona > /emote takes a bow

[05:08:16] Perseus Kallistratos > so whats new angel industires?

[05:08:27] Enyo Bellona > that your blog on your bio?

[05:08:32] Perseus Kallistratos > yup

[05:09:04] baschthe tirent > NAI=Carebears with teeth

[05:09:19] Hendrik Stahl > FYI I will give local trolling lessons as per PK's bio

[05:09:20] Crixia > We do everything

[05:09:30] Enyo Bellona > NAI was an Industrial corp in the start.....we massed produced at one point. Allianced at another...then WH's...then NULL SEC ALLIANCE...and now just kinda taking a relaxing tenure viewing places in eve

[05:09:54] Hendrik Stahl > hey what alliance was it

[05:10:00] Enyo Bellona > i am following you bio...found it last night

[05:10:00] Perseus Kallistratos > and what promted contacting me?

[05:10:05] Enyo Bellona > blog*

[05:10:13] Enyo Bellona > your post in local

[05:10:23] Enyo Bellona > [04:48:53] Perseus Kallistratos > <1375 310664812="">Cytrimet Nittriam
syndicate --> that way

[05:10:31] Perseus Kallistratos > hahaha

[05:10:35] Enyo Bellona > lol

[05:10:37] Perseus Kallistratos > I am quite the troller... sometimes brutal

[05:11:01] Hendrik Stahl > The best part of Syndicate is going to be shitting all over GROON

[05:11:07] Hendrik Stahl > You can quite me on that

[05:11:36] Enyo Bellona > and who is GROON

[05:11:38] Enyo Bellona > ?

[05:12:03] Hendrik Stahl > GROON is a Goonfleet splinter group from years ago

[05:12:06] Perseus Kallistratos > while you're there beat the hell out of Agony Empire

[05:12:45] Hendrik Stahl > GROON guys are ok, but the only thing better than griefing pubbies is griefing other goons

[05:13:35] Enyo Bellona > lol alright guys...thx for the convo...and feel free to stay in this public channel...i am copying the convo now and will have a post up tomorrow on my blog. i think me and basch here are going to continue our tour of delve

[05:13:50] Perseus Kallistratos > rgr

[05:13:52] Hendrik Stahl > PDE is a good system for ratting

[05:14:02] Enyo Bellona > oh just taxi'ing around

[05:14:08] Hendrik Stahl > Just so ya'll know

[05:14:15] Hendrik Stahl > I don't rat but whatever

[05:14:20] Hendrik Stahl > just bein' neighborly

[05:14:21] Perseus Kallistratos > 0/

[05:14:27] Hendrik Stahl > gank Battlestars

[05:14:34] Hendrik Stahl > peace out

Destination Delve...System Y-OMTZ

Wowzers...Well first off I want to thank Baschthe Tirent, my corp mate, for jumping on last night with the quick change of plans.

Thats right, I could not wait until Saturday....oh no you silly pod pilots....there is no waiting there was only now. So as I logged on last night with the intention of just fitting a SB for the weekend trip. The excitement was building up as each module made its way on to my manticore. And at first it seemed like the night was going to be pretty dull since no one from the corp was on...I do like my convos.

So since no one was really on and I got my ship loaded up, I figured I would start installing a few new PS3 games that me and the wife bought. Just as I started to play and try out Assassins Creed II, of course THEN people started logging beckons and looks down on other videos games I think. So the chats start up...everyone is talking about their future eve plans and what is currently on and then Basch logs on. HOT DOG...its on...I shout out to basch to load his SB up, that I couldnt wait no more. Ever since I started thinking about jumping down I, the excitement has been unreal. So Basch loads up and we meet in Amarr space. 45 jumps away from the destination.

Destination: Delve, Y-OMTZ
Now I was asked last night from a GOONSWARM member why Ichoose to randomly come to Y-OMTZ. Well for all the readers and for the little ole goonie... I looked at delve region on Dotlan Maps. And I looked to see which system would be the deepest into the region and where I thought i might see some pretty cool stuff.

The flight down actually wasnt to bad. Met a few interesting people and names for corps/alliances. And it was the people that kept the trip interesting for us. One group that we ran into in null sec was the Rooks and Kings Alliance. LMAO these guys were some pretty good sports. One of them accidently invited me into a public channel ;o)  oh how the fun began. I quickly pulled Basch into the channel as well and we commenced chat channel warfare. Nothing bad...not really smack talking or anything like that, but lots of good humor and jokes.

Moving on we eventually got into the null sec areas of space...OOOOH... however i was kinda displeased with lowsec till this point. I expected a few more gate camps. Me and Basch only had to deal with it was poorly organized...not even a bubble...just a bunch of T1's sitting around...LMAO. we get into null sec and I am quickly checking on all the bios in local for each jump we do...noting the numbers of GOONS vs IT guys in system. we finally reach a system...I cant remember which it was...I may have gotten a picture of it...but there were cynos up...cynos down...cynos up...cynos down.
Finally...something that may be interesting.Basch shoots off to one cyno, I warp off to the other. They both were at stations and then eventually we found 1 at a POS...*at this moment I would like to say how much I now love Covert ships*...BINGO, we found an IT alliance POS. (I will post pictures of this later) Yes it was up and running and had a very very nice assortment of ships within the shields. I got a picture of 1 but before I could get a picture of the others...they disappeared. Off to war I guess.

Moving on...we finally get to the NOL-M9 system...and of course another cyno...warp...and close call...Me and basch almost found our selves in one of two large mobile warp disrupting bubbles. IT alliance had the place nailed down tight around the station. So we sat off the station and watched to see if any conflicts happened. The only one we saw there was the unforunate soul that got caught in a bubble and the lazers of apoc sitting 200km away on him. Looked like a Bee stuck in glue with a magnifying glass focusing the sun just right....*POP*...good bye.

Ok so at this point me and basch have had just about as much as we could take....we want to shoot something. Now realize...we are not blue to anyone down here...SO we uncloak and we get the big DP from everyone, LOL....not we continue on our trip...9 jumps away from destination. We see a couple of good prospects that we could've easily poped but after looking at bio's..they were IT alliance people's. Now like I said ...we are not blue to either...but I like conflict, WAR takes iskies and WAR makes right now since IT is invading...we are trying to support them in this trip...which doesnt work out later..I will explain. system..we jump and there is 1 T1 frigate...yes ONE sitting on the gate inside Y-OMTZ. So he sees us warp and cloak back up and then procedes to announce our presence and ships in local. And this dude is IT fact he was the only IT alliance member in system. The rest were mostly GOONS and a few Black Star guys. This guys was an idiot...for all goons knew we had BS's or capitals in systems hunting them down. Later learning after we shot and killed a Black Star Alliance member that they were friendly to IT alliance and also confirming that...I guess this guy was just trying to inform his friendlies in time use a CONVO dummy.
So yeah...we start Moon searching looking for the was also announced that GOONS were packing up a POS and moving...we did find this POS and yes I do have pictures that I will get added to this posting alittle later. We found it with only an Iteron V slowly moving items from the POS...again at this time we did not know who Black star was...but i will say that the Ity V did not live long and prosper. So here are two stealth bomber pilots surrounded with BILLIONS of isk in POS assests...and cant really do anything with you know how frustrating this was.

So we decided if we cant have it why make it aware to IT alliance that this stuff is unachored and ready to go...this is where we find out that Black Star is assisting IT alliance and then I start feeling bad for shooting the guy. But after a friendly convo, I get the confusion sorted and get Black Star set to blue and even offer to pay for the ship. But these chaps being the good people they are said no need....infact I even uncloaked for these guys to show the truce. It was a walk away situation with null sec area being they did not fault me. Now I dont know if this corp/alliance set us to blue...i will not assume...but while I am operating in Delve I will not shoot anymore of their pilots at the time being.

So with our destination reached, here are the things we had happened or seen:
-1 fail gatecamp
-1 ship killed
-convo interview with 1 goonswarm member
-convo interview with 1 IT alliance member
-pictures of some IT capitals taken
-1 IT alliance POS up and running in Delve
-1 GOON alliance POS being taken down and looted by Black Star

So not completely dull but not completely fulfilling as well. I hope their will be some more exciting events happening this weekend....oh yes, the all mighting weekend. If I am not shot and podded by will then be returning to Empire and figuring out my next objective to go check out.

***I will be posting the pictures up to this blog post by the end of today or before 0000 EVE time. I hope.***

Till then...ignore any sigma talks from goons...and fly safe,
Enyo Bellona