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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Most violent systems and a stranded BS needing help...

Last night system PF-346 was ranking the most violent system for a hour or so... What a great place to go check out.

Eve Ventures (Manticore) ship is packed and ready to go. Flying out from my home wasnt too bad...only 15 jumps to system. So as I started...people in corp and public channel was asking what I was doing...I told them my idea and of course they started laughing.

But alright get the the  gate before system...66 people in I start to think of all the possible outcomes, I begin to grin a bit. Well this is either going to be a very short venture....or a completely dull one. As I jump and enter syndicate region. I remember someone telling me that GOONS have somewhat moved into this region....confirmed by looking at the Cry Havoc does seem a good bit of them have been dying here...So...we got Cry Havoc., Ev0ke, IT, Goonswarm, and a few other small alliances in this area....NOW DOES THAT SPELL PARTY OR WHAT!.

In PF systems now...only 11 freaking people in this system...first thought of course was how the hell was this the most violent system. OK...well there is only 2 gates in this systems so there is only one path that people can take....I warp on to the next gate to see if at least there is a gate camp set up... And there are about 4 ships all at random safe points over 150km away from the gate... I am not sure if they were working together or not... At one point I saw the 4 ships together and for quite some time. And then out of no where...BAM...3 of the ships start attacking the 4th member...LMAO...never trust anyone I guess.

So after 1 bombing attempt and failing at that...I sat around for about 20 more min and nothing happening. So time to start looking at the map....seeing where I was located and what was was only about 20 more jumps to some where that looked to be in the middle of the Fountain region. And let me tell was a pretty unevent trip. Passing through systems and throwing up the "o/" ...people are either afk alot...or scared to talk to new comers. AND I wasnt asking to see a titan this time around in space....just saying HI.

Well about 4 jumps from destination, i recieve a random convo. Apparently 1 of the pilots saw me wave and was asking if I was looking for something or needed something. After a pretty decent convo, I come to learn that this pilot in fact was stranded in the middle of Fountain. And not only stranded...his corp earlier that day i guess decided to launch a TCU in the middle of Fountain. LOL. I asked this guy if his head was screwed on right...I mean I know I am not all there flying all over where I have been at....but at the same time...I freaking pulling out the Tent and campfire in someone else's backyard either.

So I am curious to hear the outcome of this. SO if any IT alliance guys or these guys who I am talking about will keep me posted...nice...I will post any info I get about this situation.

Anywayz...back to this guy is stranded in a Typhoon out here with no other members...LMAO...and has half his armor and apparently no armor reps...oh and is cloaked somewhere near a TCU his alliance/corp launched. Having nothing else to do...and this being the first interesting thing of the night....I offer my services to scout him back to high sec.


But I am neutral to most of eve and hey I am a friendly for the sake of good convo and something to do...we wait a few min for his other buddy in a manticore to show up. And then we are off. Funny though...both of these guys are deciding to be in null sec but neither have scouted or know about how to scout....again...the trip out back to high sec was very quite too...

The only scene of interest was when an ares was coming up on our back for what ever reason...I was thinking arazu. I dont know why and I didnt realize it till after it was too late to do anything. But I was thinking...damn I could let this guy chase the Typhoon...hold my cloak...and then BOOM goes the bomb....bye bye interceptor.

Well so back in high sec and docked up. I ended the night. I was looking at the Sov influence map noting the differ alliances. I see some alliance called "Looney Tunes"....I wonder if they are funny at all. I am thinking about heading up to visit them and to say "Hi" to Razor alliance as well. Never have been up that way....dont see any reason why not to go.

Till next time...Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Friday, January 29, 2010

Convo with a GOON and a IT alliance members

[04:32:04] EVE System Channel MOTD: Welcome to the New Angels Public Channel.

If you have have any questions please contact Enyo Bellona.

[04:32:33] Enyo Bellona > are you really recruiting out of local?

[04:33:12] Cytrimet Nittriam > SIGMA DOES NOT RECRUIT

[04:33:15] Cytrimet Nittriam > SIGMA IS

[04:34:17] Enyo Bellona > lol

[04:34:26] baschthe tirent > wow

[04:48:44] Enyo Bellona > yo

[04:48:47] Enyo Bellona > LMAO

[04:48:55] Enyo Bellona > what is a goonswarm sky marhsal?

[04:49:08] Hendrik Stahl > I am

[04:49:14] Enyo Bellona > LOL

[04:49:21] Hendrik Stahl > I ran the defense of 49- a couple weeks ago

[04:49:32] Enyo Bellona > ok so is the current status of affairs?

[04:49:33] Hendrik Stahl > I was even interviewed by the ISD about it

[04:49:34] Enyo Bellona > Nice

[04:49:53] Hendrik Stahl > So who are you writing for?

[04:49:55] Enyo Bellona > to let you know i will be posting this convo on my feel free to let it all out

[04:50:10] Hendrik Stahl > where is this blog I truly must know

[04:50:12] Enyo Bellona >

[04:50:57] Hendrik Stahl > Alright, I'll chill with you here

[04:50:57] Enyo Bellona > i like to consider myself and this corp a jack-of-all trades, masters of none

[04:51:13] Enyo Bellona > and i have yet to interview goons

[04:51:19] Enyo Bellona > JOURNALISM RULES ALL

[04:51:21] Hendrik Stahl > If you want an interview you gotta bust out with the questions

[04:51:47] Enyo Bellona > Can i get pictures of GOON Titans?

[04:52:06] Enyo Bellona > /emote begs

[04:52:17] Hendrik Stahl > Goon titans don't actually look any different from anybody else's

[04:52:29] Enyo Bellona > lmao fair answer

[04:52:40] Hendrik Stahl > What we really want though

[04:52:49] Hendrik Stahl > Is to put up a spray on our ships

[04:52:57] Enyo Bellona > does goons believe they will be able to hold Delve?

[04:53:10] Enyo Bellona > tagging?

[04:53:39] Hendrik Stahl > The spray will be a wizard fighting a dragon, and the wizard is smoking a bong and the dragon is lighting the bong w/ his fire breath

[04:53:55] Hendrik Stahl > That would be the best spaceship tag

[04:54:01] Enyo Bellona > like a new alliance logo

[04:54:31] Hendrik Stahl > Does GoonSwarm think that we will hold Delve. Well.

[04:54:35] Enyo Bellona > what does it take to join goons?

[04:54:55] Hendrik Stahl > 500m isk and passing a API security check

[04:55:06] Hendrik Stahl > You get the isk back after you pass

[04:55:16] Enyo Bellona > lol i have heard of that one already...LMAO

[04:55:34] Hendrik Stahl > It's how I got in

[04:55:39] Hendrik Stahl > Next question

[04:56:15] Enyo Bellona > day in the life of a goon member is like what?

[04:57:40] Hendrik Stahl > Alright.

[04:58:02] Enyo Bellona > that your answer?





[04:59:14] Hendrik Stahl > That's pretty much my morning

[04:59:24] Enyo Bellona > lol

[04:59:34] Enyo Bellona > care to tell us what IT thinks of GOONS

[04:59:38] Enyo Bellona > doing an interview

[04:59:47] Hendrik Stahl > hey what is this ambush journalism

[05:00:00] Enyo Bellona > no just wanna get point of view from both sides

[05:00:11] Perseus Kallistratos > 0/

[05:00:17] Hendrik Stahl > sup

[05:00:24] Enyo Bellona > Goons are the favorite alliance to be hated after all

[05:00:36] Hendrik Stahl > ^________________________________________^

[05:01:03] Perseus Kallistratos > I don't neccesarily hate Goons, although my CEO has strong sentiments regarding the matter. In fact I feel bad for the line level soldiers in Goon right now.... they pretty much got hosed.

[05:01:07] Enyo Bellona > So perseus, just trying to get some convo for my blog

[05:01:31] Enyo Bellona > oh nice straight answer...thankyou for that

[05:01:49] Hendrik Stahl > It was our own fault

[05:01:57] Perseus Kallistratos > I think that its irony at its best... given what happened a year ago.

[05:01:58] Hendrik Stahl > We should have never trusted Theta Squad

[05:02:08] Crixia > Goons man how does it feel to know that your alliance is the most hated in EVE?

[05:02:18] Enyo Bellona > what happened with Theta Squad?

[05:02:33] Hendrik Stahl > Theta Squad is responsible for the sov loss

[05:03:03] Enyo Bellona > ah ok...finally some answers to that question

[05:03:17] Hendrik Stahl > Sigma never trusted Theta, but Theta Squad pulls the strings on the directorate, so the directors wouldn't let us shoot them

[05:04:02] Hendrik Stahl > Sigma finally began moving on Theta, calling them out for their bullshit, getting the other squads on our side

[05:04:37] Enyo Bellona > Perseus, was it a year ago when BOB had their issue?

[05:04:55] Hendrik Stahl > February 5th actually

[05:05:00] Perseus Kallistratos > yeah very close

[05:05:06] Enyo Bellona > oh wow

[05:05:17] Perseus Kallistratos > NOL station buddled up... sort of like Pr- station bubbled up

[05:05:20] Hendrik Stahl > (he personally was never in BoB)

[05:05:28] Perseus Kallistratos > yup

[05:05:52] Hendrik Stahl > Just clarifting for the interviewer, Maverick buddy

[05:05:57] Enyo Bellona > So you two in channel now....can you give my readers any future thoughts on how this all is going to play out from each of your point of views?

[05:06:09] Perseus Kallistratos > Goons won't be hated for long

[05:06:23] Perseus Kallistratos > They all spam that in local and its true

[05:06:56] Hendrik Stahl > Perseus you are a pretty chill dude.

[05:06:56] Perseus Kallistratos > I don't necessarily think IT will be the big bad boy... but Goons will have sympathy for what happened

[05:07:10] Hendrik Stahl > Let's be friends ok?

[05:07:24] Hendrik Stahl > I'll put you in my address book ok?

[05:07:32] Perseus Kallistratos > sounds good. call me PK

[05:07:55] Crixia > you guys will be like romeo and Juliet to an extent

[05:07:57] Hendrik Stahl > :hfive:

[05:08:03] Enyo Bellona > lol YES ENYO THE MATCH MAKER....

[05:08:06] Enyo Bellona > /emote takes a bow

[05:08:16] Perseus Kallistratos > so whats new angel industires?

[05:08:27] Enyo Bellona > that your blog on your bio?

[05:08:32] Perseus Kallistratos > yup

[05:09:04] baschthe tirent > NAI=Carebears with teeth

[05:09:19] Hendrik Stahl > FYI I will give local trolling lessons as per PK's bio

[05:09:20] Crixia > We do everything

[05:09:30] Enyo Bellona > NAI was an Industrial corp in the start.....we massed produced at one point. Allianced at another...then WH's...then NULL SEC ALLIANCE...and now just kinda taking a relaxing tenure viewing places in eve

[05:09:54] Hendrik Stahl > hey what alliance was it

[05:10:00] Enyo Bellona > i am following you bio...found it last night

[05:10:00] Perseus Kallistratos > and what promted contacting me?

[05:10:05] Enyo Bellona > blog*

[05:10:13] Enyo Bellona > your post in local

[05:10:23] Enyo Bellona > [04:48:53] Perseus Kallistratos > <1375 310664812="">Cytrimet Nittriam
syndicate --> that way

[05:10:31] Perseus Kallistratos > hahaha

[05:10:35] Enyo Bellona > lol

[05:10:37] Perseus Kallistratos > I am quite the troller... sometimes brutal

[05:11:01] Hendrik Stahl > The best part of Syndicate is going to be shitting all over GROON

[05:11:07] Hendrik Stahl > You can quite me on that

[05:11:36] Enyo Bellona > and who is GROON

[05:11:38] Enyo Bellona > ?

[05:12:03] Hendrik Stahl > GROON is a Goonfleet splinter group from years ago

[05:12:06] Perseus Kallistratos > while you're there beat the hell out of Agony Empire

[05:12:45] Hendrik Stahl > GROON guys are ok, but the only thing better than griefing pubbies is griefing other goons

[05:13:35] Enyo Bellona > lol alright guys...thx for the convo...and feel free to stay in this public channel...i am copying the convo now and will have a post up tomorrow on my blog. i think me and basch here are going to continue our tour of delve

[05:13:50] Perseus Kallistratos > rgr

[05:13:52] Hendrik Stahl > PDE is a good system for ratting

[05:14:02] Enyo Bellona > oh just taxi'ing around

[05:14:08] Hendrik Stahl > Just so ya'll know

[05:14:15] Hendrik Stahl > I don't rat but whatever

[05:14:20] Hendrik Stahl > just bein' neighborly

[05:14:21] Perseus Kallistratos > 0/

[05:14:27] Hendrik Stahl > gank Battlestars

[05:14:34] Hendrik Stahl > peace out

Destination Delve...System Y-OMTZ

Wowzers...Well first off I want to thank Baschthe Tirent, my corp mate, for jumping on last night with the quick change of plans.

Thats right, I could not wait until Saturday....oh no you silly pod pilots....there is no waiting there was only now. So as I logged on last night with the intention of just fitting a SB for the weekend trip. The excitement was building up as each module made its way on to my manticore. And at first it seemed like the night was going to be pretty dull since no one from the corp was on...I do like my convos.

So since no one was really on and I got my ship loaded up, I figured I would start installing a few new PS3 games that me and the wife bought. Just as I started to play and try out Assassins Creed II, of course THEN people started logging beckons and looks down on other videos games I think. So the chats start up...everyone is talking about their future eve plans and what is currently on and then Basch logs on. HOT DOG...its on...I shout out to basch to load his SB up, that I couldnt wait no more. Ever since I started thinking about jumping down I, the excitement has been unreal. So Basch loads up and we meet in Amarr space. 45 jumps away from the destination.

Destination: Delve, Y-OMTZ
Now I was asked last night from a GOONSWARM member why Ichoose to randomly come to Y-OMTZ. Well for all the readers and for the little ole goonie... I looked at delve region on Dotlan Maps. And I looked to see which system would be the deepest into the region and where I thought i might see some pretty cool stuff.

The flight down actually wasnt to bad. Met a few interesting people and names for corps/alliances. And it was the people that kept the trip interesting for us. One group that we ran into in null sec was the Rooks and Kings Alliance. LMAO these guys were some pretty good sports. One of them accidently invited me into a public channel ;o)  oh how the fun began. I quickly pulled Basch into the channel as well and we commenced chat channel warfare. Nothing bad...not really smack talking or anything like that, but lots of good humor and jokes.

Moving on we eventually got into the null sec areas of space...OOOOH... however i was kinda displeased with lowsec till this point. I expected a few more gate camps. Me and Basch only had to deal with it was poorly organized...not even a bubble...just a bunch of T1's sitting around...LMAO. we get into null sec and I am quickly checking on all the bios in local for each jump we do...noting the numbers of GOONS vs IT guys in system. we finally reach a system...I cant remember which it was...I may have gotten a picture of it...but there were cynos up...cynos down...cynos up...cynos down.
Finally...something that may be interesting.Basch shoots off to one cyno, I warp off to the other. They both were at stations and then eventually we found 1 at a POS...*at this moment I would like to say how much I now love Covert ships*...BINGO, we found an IT alliance POS. (I will post pictures of this later) Yes it was up and running and had a very very nice assortment of ships within the shields. I got a picture of 1 but before I could get a picture of the others...they disappeared. Off to war I guess.

Moving on...we finally get to the NOL-M9 system...and of course another cyno...warp...and close call...Me and basch almost found our selves in one of two large mobile warp disrupting bubbles. IT alliance had the place nailed down tight around the station. So we sat off the station and watched to see if any conflicts happened. The only one we saw there was the unforunate soul that got caught in a bubble and the lazers of apoc sitting 200km away on him. Looked like a Bee stuck in glue with a magnifying glass focusing the sun just right....*POP*...good bye.

Ok so at this point me and basch have had just about as much as we could take....we want to shoot something. Now realize...we are not blue to anyone down here...SO we uncloak and we get the big DP from everyone, LOL....not we continue on our trip...9 jumps away from destination. We see a couple of good prospects that we could've easily poped but after looking at bio's..they were IT alliance people's. Now like I said ...we are not blue to either...but I like conflict, WAR takes iskies and WAR makes right now since IT is invading...we are trying to support them in this trip...which doesnt work out later..I will explain. system..we jump and there is 1 T1 frigate...yes ONE sitting on the gate inside Y-OMTZ. So he sees us warp and cloak back up and then procedes to announce our presence and ships in local. And this dude is IT fact he was the only IT alliance member in system. The rest were mostly GOONS and a few Black Star guys. This guys was an idiot...for all goons knew we had BS's or capitals in systems hunting them down. Later learning after we shot and killed a Black Star Alliance member that they were friendly to IT alliance and also confirming that...I guess this guy was just trying to inform his friendlies in time use a CONVO dummy.
So yeah...we start Moon searching looking for the was also announced that GOONS were packing up a POS and moving...we did find this POS and yes I do have pictures that I will get added to this posting alittle later. We found it with only an Iteron V slowly moving items from the POS...again at this time we did not know who Black star was...but i will say that the Ity V did not live long and prosper. So here are two stealth bomber pilots surrounded with BILLIONS of isk in POS assests...and cant really do anything with you know how frustrating this was.

So we decided if we cant have it why make it aware to IT alliance that this stuff is unachored and ready to go...this is where we find out that Black Star is assisting IT alliance and then I start feeling bad for shooting the guy. But after a friendly convo, I get the confusion sorted and get Black Star set to blue and even offer to pay for the ship. But these chaps being the good people they are said no need....infact I even uncloaked for these guys to show the truce. It was a walk away situation with null sec area being they did not fault me. Now I dont know if this corp/alliance set us to blue...i will not assume...but while I am operating in Delve I will not shoot anymore of their pilots at the time being.

So with our destination reached, here are the things we had happened or seen:
-1 fail gatecamp
-1 ship killed
-convo interview with 1 goonswarm member
-convo interview with 1 IT alliance member
-pictures of some IT capitals taken
-1 IT alliance POS up and running in Delve
-1 GOON alliance POS being taken down and looted by Black Star

So not completely dull but not completely fulfilling as well. I hope their will be some more exciting events happening this weekend....oh yes, the all mighting weekend. If I am not shot and podded by will then be returning to Empire and figuring out my next objective to go check out.

***I will be posting the pictures up to this blog post by the end of today or before 0000 EVE time. I hope.***

Till then...ignore any sigma talks from goons...and fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WH cleaned up and change of plans....oh GOONIES!

After a few hours of play last night and listening the the planet risk show live for the first time, i managed to finish the rest of the sites in my Wormhole.

-3 perimeter checkpoints
-4 perimeter hangars
-3 sleeper data sanctuary
-3 Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27

After clearing the rest of these i rescanned...yes i know i should've scanned when i logged on but I was just happy enough to see that my wormhole system had to load, meaning nobody coming through. Scanning revealed that i did however have 3 wormholes present in system now compared to the 2 wormholes I had the night before. I also had 2 ladar sites and 2 grav sites. Being that I didnt have the tools with me for the ladar and grav sites, i passed and went to check out the Wormholes in my system:

-1 null sec WH
-1 class 5 WH
-1 class 2 WH *new*

Awesome, so the difference last night was i had an extra WH. After inspecting each of the WHs, none of them were K162's. Which actually surprised me because i was under the belief that a WH would only have as many "outbound" WHs respective to the class you were in. SO a class 2 would have 2 WHs, a class 3 would have 3 ...and so on. So kinda proved wrong on one aspect of it of that can have more it would seem.

OK back on i take the scanning ship into the class 2 and begin scanning. Someone was making use of this space. This is what was on overview:

-Amarr POS (not sure on size)
- 8 medium pulse lasers
- a few cruise missile launchers (1 or 2 i think)
- 1 citadel launcher....not sure why but ok.
- 2 corp hangars
- ship hangar
- 1 ballistic hardener (no other hardeners)

 And that was it so if it sounds like your setup, o/ i stopped by. After that initial system wide scan i began tracking signatures. BA DA BOOM...first signature scanned is high sec exit. Marked. DONE. Time to get orca. Nothing exciting really happens here...go back to my WH...warp point for orca made...jump orca into transistion class 2...warp squad to high sec WH...warp out. Time to cash in.

The Total for loot sold was 240mil isk. Which i dont think is bad for being in the WH 24 hrs. and of that only maybe 6 hrs being the actually play time.

So after selling off the items and thinking about doing it and a corp mate start talking about the events surrounding the GOONS. My corp mate did not know what i was talking about, so thanks to this posting in RifterDrifter Blog. I was able to link a good detail post about some of the things happening. And I also just noticed something while writing this....ole'RifterDrifter there is in AAA...and i was shot and podded by AAA just a few days ago...I wonder if he was in that camp.

*EDIT ADD: Found a post here from someone in IT i believe, with another POV on the DELVE/GOON events.

So like i was saying after catching my corp mate up to speed...we decided that why do ANYTHING else...other than going to check out the DELVE region. So prepping for the venture ahead...we would like to make it with out being podded...but the odds of that happening..are really really slim. Fitting up stealth bombers we are going to start our trip on saturday morning. Hoping to get some great screen shots i will be of course following up with a posting on what happens. So if you are reading this and part of IT alliance...PLEASE DONT SHOOT Could i be blue for a day? LOL. And well nothing personal against the GOONS..but hey...pretty much sounds like the group that everyone loves to hate...and me i just find some conflicts interesting and this is supposedly a very big deal.

So flight plan for saturday:
-depart to Delve
-not to get podded
-kill a goon i can dream right?
-have a few good convos
-hopefully making it back to empire without the pod express.

I would like to thank the PlanetRisk Show for plugging my new blog. Glad to hear them back up and running and if you didnt know this yet. The planetrisk guys are plotting a T1 Frigate/cruiser pvp free-for-all competition in the future. Check their site for more updates and great podcast.

Till then as always fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Status quo so far, Where did the cans go...

So last night's settlement of the Mobile Task Force for my WH experience was successful. My idea here is to stay in WH space until i run out of ammo. Using the orca as my "storage-on-the-go" so far is working nicely as well.

Sites completed last night before logging:

-2 perimeter hangars
-1 Mag site.(Lesson learned here)

I only ran so few sites due to the time. After salvaging my 2nd hangar site it was around Mid'night and well 5 o'clock in the morning comes pretty quickly. The alarms starts ringing...i hit rings some more...i hit it some more...eventually wifey start hitting me each time I decided to hit the alarm and not get This normal routine gets me up around

Anywayz so I did however learn one of my first lessons with a Mag site. And that would be, not to warp off once you have cleared the site. DOH. Yep after clearing the site, i reported back to Alala and her orca to pick up salvage/mag site ship. Proceed to warp back thinking about the possible riches to find...only to find the cans are gone...well damn...still salvaged the site and continued on with the swapping of ships.

After the 3 sites were down, i logged on a trade toon to find out some of the expected rough returns of my work. So far i have roughly 64mil of salvage loot and i believe this took maybe 2 hours of actual site running. If you want to count the whole WH time start from entering and scanning...then roughly 4 hours. And from that aspect it looks pretty non efficient way of making ISK, but again i am out here just relaxing and chatting in convo's at the same time. So otherwords...not a bad 64 mil made in my eyes. I am hoping to see another mag site so I can attempt round 2. This time i wont warp off...but does mean Alala will have to warp the Orca into the Mag site to allow the switching of ships.

One of my corp mates made out a little better. Before moving into my class 2 WH...I also found a class 1 that was empty of player presence. I believe he made roughly 120mil in the same amount of time that i was flying the sites. However he has scanning skills leveled on the low end so he ended up leaving his WH before the verge of collapse.

Tonight i will probably look into clearing some more sites...and also looking to see how the site list is doing today. I have read about WH's "drying out", but the theory is the sites are consistantly channging locations as the are completed. So if that is the it safe to say even if you "dry out" a WH, it is only a matter of time before the tables turn and your WH starts feeling up yet again with sites?

We will see...till then Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Class 2 WH

Alright...well after 2 days of scanning...tonight i found myself a class 2 WH with no body living inside. SWEET! So what next...the excitement at first has overwhelmed me. So to get things going... i logged in Alala to get the orca up and running.

Alala undocks the orca and proceeds only 3 jumps away to target system. It figures that as soon as i really get things going...everyone decides to call my cell. So after weeding out the calls and making sure RL is in order. I jump back onto eve. Orca is one hop out. So i do some scanning with Enyo to see what i am working with...first  inital scan show 12 sleeper sites and 6 other sites. Not to bad i think. After scanning down the sites i come up with 2 gravs, 1 ladar, 1 mag, and 2 Wormholes.

-wormhole leading to class 5
-wormhole leading to null sec

Now i have read a few theories on WH operations and how the mechanics work, so i am curious to see how this plays in my new home.

So Alala show ups in system. I jump Enyo out to allow warp point. I get into system and get to work...first order of business was to collapse the WH i entered through. The orca made this happen with a total of 4 jumps...ending on the right side of the WH.

So my "Mobile WH Operation Task Force" consist of the following ships:
-Destroyer (Salvage)
-Covert Ops (Scanning)

So after the everything was done and ready to was time to cloak the orca and do one more round about in the system. Time to get things killed.

CNR DOWN...WH Ops Green

UGH...So I log on last night to update some market orders on a Trade corporation that I also run. And figured oh what the hell...I will get in a few easy missions.

Enyo awakes at the station. Shaking the darkness away, Enyo makes her way down the corridor to the ship dubbed "Free-Bird". A most majestic ship to rid eve of a few more npcs.

After haggling with Agent for a minute, I received my mission for the night, The Blockade. Great. Easy mission and some good iskies put into the wallet. Knowing already what to expect in tonight's encounter I sent the ship's technical loadout for tonights needs to the Hangar Technicians. No major changes, all they needed to do tonight was load up Paradise Cruise Missiles and swap out the ship's shield hardeners. Last mission the technicians placed left the sansha setup, although I required an angel cartel....idiots...almost cost me my ship.

Since I have been running missions for the Ministry of War, I have had to keep more of a watchful eye. Greedy pilots sit outside these stations, waiting for the next expectant pilots to act out of habit instead of instinct. Last week I watched as two of the newer pilots in this system fall victim to a can flipper. I swear, I could hear the screams going through the darkness of space as Pulse Fitted Harbingers tore through the hulls of their newest victims.

Undocked from the station, I initialized the CNR's navigation system to the location of this so called "Blockade." Once in warp i admired the blue haze around the ship...thinking of what my next venture should be. Missions are great, but they are repetitive and do get a tad bit annoying. And still getting used to the podded experience thanks to AAA alliance, my new clone was still adjusting to the freshly installed implants. Any how, the CNR was starting its shutdown of the warp drive. Tonights mission was almost underway.

BAM...warp drives offlining...sansha pirates in targeting range. Hardeners Onlining. All standard protocols were going as planned. Just like they always do.

Popping the attacking Battleships, leaving the frigates for my drones, and battlecruisiers somewhere in the mix of being disposed by both means at hand. The mission was coming to a close. Just a few more Battleships to kill then 1 more wave.....famous last words. Just as a Battleship started to fall apart due to the devestation brought upon in from the cruise missiles...a last act of desperation took place.

Sensors lighting up, alarms going off, and display filling up. DAMNIT... The last ship that was destroyed managed to send a communicated warning to  the other sansha ships in the area. Now surrounded and clearly out numbers in gank and tank ability. It was time to get the hell out of here. Demanding the reactors of the CNR to react the ship slowly started to align...Shields taking heavy damage with boosting on. Cap on the verge of non existance....ALIGNED...WARP ENGAGED....WTF...oh no...looking around something was not right. Checking the displays, sensors, and alarms...WARP ENGAGED...finally a sensor flashed in the HUD...and a sudden fear entered the eyes of Enyo. Warp Jammed.

Where did this lone frigate come from to cause me lost of the wonderful ship. Targeting systems adjusted to the frigate in question, drones deployed, missiles away...a race of time. The ship shaking in space ... alarms ... fires taking place in the lower decks beneath the bridge. Communications were down...this was it...slowly the CNR took the beating launching missiles the whole time.

A capsuleer often questions the few seconds between death and life...for each person the experience is different. However...The sansha may have claimed my ship, but my pod reached safety. Docking back up...Enyo looked over the evolution of what just happened. Shaken in disgust. It was decided its time to get hell out of here. Turning on the telecommunications link between Enyo and her sister Alala. The two talked and agree' was due time for a change of space.

Alala quickly organized the list of items that Enyo was requesting...filling up the corp hangars of the Orca, checking up the requirements for the up coming journey. Receiving the contracted items from Enyo, Alala had Hangar technicians place the Salvage Destroyer and the Drake into the ship bay of the orca. Food rations, armor reppers, hull reppers, almost a hundred thousand of the fury missiles, cloaks, tractor beams, salvagers...the list was almost endless but required for new venture at hand.

The Orca was loaded. Waiting for the pod to be fully intergrated with the ship, alala recieved the system location in which to meet up with Enyo. Enyo for now is flying the Covert Ops Scanning Frigate for Caldari, The Buzzard. Comms were quite tonight, knowing the frustrations of her sister, alala settled in for the long long trip that was ahead of them. Looking back on the home station...she knew it would awhile before she saw this place again.

Enyo quickly jumping system to system scanning down any and all signatures within reach. Back into the dark...back to where sound is obsolete. A strange alien force known today as sleepers occupy these...these Wormholes. This is where enyo was determined to make her new home...away from the insanity of empire. The battling factions and politics that were always falling and rising with new leaders...*smirk* Enyo thought to herself..."Everybody wants to lead, but nobody wants a leader". Off into the deepest of space enyo and her sister alala traveled...looking for absence, non existance of politics...just to be left with a pilot and her missiles.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The First post and history of Enyo Bellona

Ahh...the creation of ones first blog....taking a min to saver the moment here....breathe in....breathe out. OK done.

venture [ˈvɛntʃə]
1. (tr) to expose to danger; hazard he ventured his life
2. (tr) to brave the dangers of (something) I'll venture the seas
3. (tr) to dare (to do something) does he venture to object?
4. (tr; may take a clause as object) to express in spite of possible refutation or criticism I venture that he is not that honest
5. (intr; often foll by out, forth, etc.) to embark on a possibly hazardous journey, undertaking, etc. to venture forth upon the high seas

1. an undertaking that is risky or of uncertain outcome
2. (Business / Commerce)
a. a commercial undertaking characterized by risk of loss as well as opportunity for profit
b. the merchandise, money, or other property placed at risk in such an undertaking
3. something hazarded or risked in an adventure; stake
4. Archaic chance or fortune at a venture at random; by chance

[variant of aventure adventure]
venturer n

Hello fellow bloggers, capsuleers, and whoever else unfortunately finds themselves here. Blogs are created out of many reasons...mine is boredom and to add that something else that seems to be missing from the world of eve. But we will make the best of it, right!?

So i started playing Eve about year ago, Jan 2009. Breaking away from the WOW choke hold and looking for other ways to curve my gaming interest i found EVE. Around 2005, i actually tried Eve after being recommended by a i wish i would kept playing from that point. EVE it doesn't curve nothing...EVE is a demanding place of trons.

Or more placed...EVE is definitely a game of what you make it. So I started the game as the lonely miner. Seemed like the easiest way to get into the game. And was shortly picked up by my first corporation. There i was guided in the ways of mining and industry. I remember mining in my Bantam, then osprey and admiring the Hulk and Orca pilots that would be in the fleet.

After about the first month in my new corporation, I learned of what "war-decs" were being that someone declared war on us. Our mining wing was determined to flourish and scouted new systems but our CEO wanted to place us in an area that was laughable at best for a eager mining fleet. In such myself and a few other left the corporation to seek other venues.

After joining another corporation that claimed much pride of its Transport and Industrial services, again people hiding in stations when threat of war existed, I created a corporation called New Angel Industries. From there a group of us formed up that were from my first corporation and started towards our goals of running an successful Industrial corporation.

Getting started was pretty rocky for most of us were new to the game of eve. In fact i remember having to buy the skills and training them just to get the corporation started for us.

Things that have happened since my beginning:
-Mass productions to the market
-productions for individual orders
-stepped into the trade markets
-have been part of two alliances(one being a industrial alliance and the other a null sec alliance)
-Ventured into WH living
-PVP here and there

And to cut to where i am at now... During my last venture into an null sec alliance, i was elected to lead. Showed promising results from the alliance especially being that it was a newly formed nullsec alliance. After 2 months of internal politics and a few members not being able to follow the guidelines set forth....everyone was at each other throats. CEOs couldn'nt agree with each other if the alliance wasn't going in the direction that "they"  each believed the alliance should go. It was a nightmare and a big headache at best. The alliance had 2 leaders before me and to say the least i understood why they chose to pass the ball on. I myself being the 3rd leader in controlling the alliance also withdrew from the craziness. I did manage to get some good policies in and to some degree people were working together. But the downfall that always happens from what i people become extremely impatient.

After witnessing this and my departure from the nullsec alliance attempt, i developed my favorite quote so far in the game based on my experiences. "Everyone wants to lead, but nobody wants a leader."

So what am I doing now...well me and few other pilots grouped back together under the NAI flag. Each of us doing our own thing for alittle break and change of pace. I recently JC'ed back down to null sec to pickup a JC and a stealth bomber. On my trip back to empire i met a few ppl along the way, dodged some camps and eventually met death causing me a 3oomil lost in the clone and implants. Not too much cost though.

The adventure in my death was worth it. So my last jump before highsec and i find myself in a massive camp setup by AAA. So to set the tone...20 some jumps and nothing big has happened. Entering my last lowsec system i jump through the gate...screen loads...and there are ships and drones galore. Not to mention i am also in a large bubble from the looks of it. So no worries i will just cloak up and navigate my way out of the bubble. I get out of the bubble with no problems. I figure 70km away from this camp was plenty of distance to view what was going on and not get into trouble.

So i start up a chat in local saying hello to the fellow pilots and complimenting on the setup they have. Getting lost in convo, i figure it is time continue my trip. NOW this is where i get dumb...watching the camp jump to the other gate in system...for some reason i think the gate i was sitting at is the one i am supposed to jump through...DOH...i jump through and now find myself 2 jumps from high sec...a few moments of WTF...jump back through and proceed to where the gate camp has moved we go again.

Dodging ships and drones with a few close calls i get within 6km of the gate....feeling pretty confident, i figure i will uncloak and hit the MWD to briefly show myself before jumping. Now i am not sure on game mechanics here....but before i could fully uncloak and hit my MWD...LOCKED...ALPHA...SB GONE...damn gate is 5km away...LOCKED...PODDED...thank you for activating clone.....enjoy your new afterlife.

So end trip resulted in dumb noob eagerness causing death...but it was worth while. SO my next possible ventures after this.... couple options...currently talking with a big alliance about assisting there production operations, continuing to just mission whore in empire, back into WH ventures, or now with thoughts...venturing throughout EVE in a covert scanning ship purely exploring.

EVE is so vast...and there are so many many alliances...and i have yet to see a titan, To witness one of these massive server crashing fleet battles, and much more. Still undecided...hopefully in the next few days i can come up with something.

Till then fly safe and have a nice day,
Enyo Bellona