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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New corp...still 0.0...smooth flying

Hello Everyone...Well after thinking long and hard I ended up leaving my old alliance and joining another corporation that was residing in 0.0.

So far it has actually been going pretty good....hell who am I kidding ...this corp is great and seems like the perfect fit for what I am looking for to do in game. So between my two characters, Enyo Bellona and Alala Bellona, I have been mining and ratting. Lately I have been looking more and more at the anomalies that we are able to run. And for the most part I usually dual box, Alala being the industrialist miner she is and Enyo launching missiles everywhere.

Yesterday I had a $400million isk scare. How it all started...there was a neutral in system. No one seemed to know who the person was and apparently they were in the corp for about 3 days. I later learned that the toon was booted for thoughts of being a spy. Ok...right on. Well there we were sitting at the POS just BS'ing. AND THEN...the freaking neut shows up at the POS....IN A are you we find him and get him uncloaked...and then a Hulk proceeds to tear the pod up with his drones. I get in a missile finishing up what the drones couldnt do....BYE BYE NEUT. Sitting in the vent channels we are all laughing about what just happened.

So 5min of the guys comes into vent wanting to know who just show this neut down. Come to find out...the neut belonged to one of the Directors in the corp and also had about $400mil worth of implants in ...DOH...which of course had the other people in channel that didnt do any shooting laugh harder and harder...while me and the lonely hulk pilot are looking at our wallets debating who what going to pay for these implants if it came down to it. All in all...the guy said not to worry about it. In the end...we definitely all got a quick lesson on paying attention to VENT and the differ chat channels. Since the guy never spoke up about his new found alt...he bit the bullet and we all took it as a learning experience.

On other notes...with the anamolies...I am slowly working up to see what I can 'solo'. Right now Enyo is using a Drake...which is the same thing I run all level 4 missions with....The question right now is Havens and Sanctums. Angel Faction. I have done everything below these two site types...but just am not sure about entering these for solo. I was also trying to figure out...what about the TENGU or the NIGHTHAWK...would one of these ships be a better choice for running the high level anomalies? Now someone has said something about using a carrier to run the sites...which may be a viable option in a month or two...but right now I having some training focus in other directions. 

Any feed back here or in game would be welcomed about the anomalies thoughts....

Till next time...keep shooting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Off and on

So I havent really been on to much lately. A mix of RL and just not feeling like playing. Although the times I have been playing its been alright. Things with the alliance/corp...are alright...They seem to work together pretty well but since I dont have much online time, it almost seem pointless in being here. About 2 weeks ago I did get into some pvp with the corp.

Overall, that little event ended pretty badly...especially with the lost of my drake. And not to place blame on any one person....just pretty much have to chock it up to confusion over comm's. And that my friends is something to put a downer on anyones day. And if I remember was just a few days after I joined back into the alliance.

My trade goods having been doing good in null sec. So that kinda helped with the lost of my drake.

But back to what I was saying...I am kinda feeling that maybe joining back into this alliance wasnt the best thing for me atm. I am looking for something that can fit and move along with my current playing style. Now I do have a miner placed in another alliance and so far that fit has been perfect. I am not sure but I might move Enyo into that same alliance. HTA is a good group and all, but I really dont have the time that is needed to dedicate to these guys and the plans they have going. This other place....there are certain things that I can do to still assist the goals and I do them as an individual or with the team. So so far it seems like that is the fit that I might need to be in. Especially with the next 5 months coming.

In 2 months, Me and my wife are expecting our first child and then 2-3 months after that we will be moving to Hawaii. So alot of changes coming real quick real And when I do get to Hawaii...when ever I do start to play changes the timezone by quite a the crowds online might change a bit.

And this new when I log back onto EVE in Hawaii....EVERYTHING will be different. Now I am looking at this from the industrial view point. The devs talk about being able to harvest from the planets and a few other things....but...and I may have not read this yet...but what the hell are we going to be able to do with what is harvested. Are these "planet" materials/minerals going to be worked into the BPOs of modules out currently? It is definitely interesting and I look forward to this "industrial expansion" in EVE. I started playing the game being brought into the industrial aspect.

Hope all is well to any readers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rejoining the old alliance...

So last night I went ahead and joined backing to the alliance I used to part of. Only last time I had my own corporation within this alliance. Well this time I just joined into a corp within the alliance. The whole leadership roles have taken its toll on me in this game and ATM I really just have no interest in being a "leader" for me to be the cause of a headache, eh!...Good times good times. So after joining I parked the ole' drake and jumped into my SB.

After thinking about the market and having to re-stock myself once i arrived backing 0.0 yet again. I decided to take a few market items with me...ofc i need to make a few selfless iskies I took down...LOL i aint telling, but a few empire items ofc found their way into 0.0 with the markups required for such a starving market. Now I am not gouging the no means would i do that...but i did put enough mark up on the many and various items to counteract the cost of me needing to buy the ships and modules i needed to start out with. So i will get my iskies over time. Not to mention a few blanket BPOs that i believe i will be able to turn some small profits on while i am done their for this duration.

Thats right baby...its always about the iskies and the ways to make 'em. The astounding part really does seem like things have gotten alot better since the last time i was down in null working with this alliance. Time will only tell though. The alliance is growing and has grown light years from when i first left it. Hell i believe they are still recruiting corps and players is the "Recruitment Plug"...

If you read this blog or have maybe just caught eye of this one posting...and are interested in Null sec and a established alliance with quite a few systems.... :o) .... Please contact "Gallinae" in-game(EVE).  I mean you can contact me and ask a question but with all the changes i will overall be directing you to Gallinae. All i if you do contact him...mention that you were referred/heard about the alliance from my Blog. Ya know...give some kudos!

A few of the old corpies convo'ed me last night too asking what was up...well like i told them...just trying to make some iskies. Things have been so dead...or more so on my part i reckon. With RL, i just havent had much time for the game lately...So i have been looking for the ways to maximize my isk making abilities. And it is always interesting to see how other side of EVE is playing. So i guess the only question now that i am in null sec...where can i best utilize my efforts...again i think this is a question that will just be answered over time.

Although last night once i was back down in the "Null" and properly pieced together my ship...i did some ratting. I didnt get to involved in the alliance last night since i just moved down and didnt have VOIP abilities last night. So while ratting...some dude in an Arazu decided he was going to attempt to take out my drake...LMAO are you serious...This guys arazu vs my drake ...1v1....ROFLMAO...all i can say is he is lucky that he could keep his distance while dampening me. So of course he sends out his drones...well...that doesnt mean they made it back to him. Ya can dampen me...but i will be damned if i am not going to shoot something. So...when he didnt launch drones...i would continue to shoot the belt rats...oh i am also tanking 2 BS and 3 BC's while this guy is trying to pwn me. And he does have me scram'ed so it wasnt like i could get away. So i continue and chain'ed the belt...killed drones everytime he launched them on me...I even let him think he was killing me...turned my hardners off for a few sec to let me HP's get low...LOL...more drones come...hardners back on...drones die...overall it was a stalemate other then me killing his T2 drones. But i do have a plan for Mr. Arazu pilot...i hope to see him again. According to intel he loves hanging out in the system i was in and killing the easy players and miners...I think I smell a few traps coming up..

But to be honest...i owe it to this guy...he has given be new found purpose in EVE...See I know he is going to stick around because he has been scoring some kills...And now i get to hunt him down...each time...Tracing this one dude my new eve goal...So hello Mr. Arazu Russian Pilot, I am your new bestest Friend in EVE....Coming to a space near you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 i dont know

Hello has been sometime since i have posted. In my last post I was talking about doing some "yarr"....well that kinda fell through...after about a week of being down there was fun but i lost interest pretty quick. Not to mention, I had some RL activities going on that keeps me away from EVE. So I am on no where to the amount of time that i used to be on.

So what now....hell I really dont know. Being that I only log on and actually play maybe 2 times a week, I have started looking for what activities I could do and still be doing something. seemed to be the answer to this so far. Being that I already had BPOs from before....I was just collecting them....I already had part of this evolution done. They are researched as well. So now its just training up PE V on a toon to really get things going but I have messed around with a few things here and there already. I started out with 110mil investment in minerals....From them I have been building what items it looks that i would turn some profit on.  In doing so i have also taken an item or two and have spread them across different systems. I am definitely starting to see a patteren in what sells where. AND THEN AGIAN...there are some things that absolutely are not making sense on how items are way it stimulates the ole'brain for thinking and i find it enjoyable so far.

I have also started back up into has been awhile since i have done this...but last time i was really into it worked out pretty well. Now i never did amass the billions that i hear ppl claiming to...but then again i like to spend my iskies TOO. At one point in doing this i started trading for investors in the alliance i was in. It wasnt too bad. I was able to take an investment...and in a week or less, payback the investment plus 10% and still profit for myself as well.

And #3 item is...the alliance i used to be in is telling they have a place for me when ever i am ready to come this may involve me having to leave my current corp.....who knows...but it is definitely nice to have the options. But if i do production toon will stay in the corp which it is in and my trade toon would be staying in the corp which it is in as well. So all and all business would continue to move on as usual.

Hmm...what else has happened...oh LMAO...last week we were apparently 'War-Dec'ed' by a 2man corp. Talking about getting people excited. I logged on one night to check my skill training...and there were emails shooting all over about hunting down the players the dec'ed us. Already the guys had info...last locations...ships placed where it does amaze me how active people quickly get with a small amount of excitement...which would also show you how slow it really has been in the corp as of lately.

But well i am off....still trying to figure out which way to go...till then having fun when i am on and watching the market move!