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Saturday, March 19, 2011

pop goes the rifter...

So about a week ago...not really sure on the exact dates....I was roaming around Agoze trying to find something to shoot. Sometimes an easy task...other times its playing keep away from the blob chasing you. Running around in my rifter I catch sight of another rifter in the first belt. Checking the information out on the pilot as i warped in...I noticed that he was a few months yonger then I.

The normal dance of hitting orbits began as projectiles begin flying back and forth. Taking my adversary into armor...his buddy warped in, another rifter. Determined to kill one of these guys I stuck around and continued the pursuit. As my ship's HPs quickly started going through armor I had my opponent into his structure. Well story short...the two rifters finished my rifter off quickly before I killed the target.

Determined for revenge, I returned with my Wolf. Same guy playing a bait setup again...this time though he was in a different belt and upon warping in...I found him making mence meat out of a young caldari pilot in a destroyer. I again engage him expecting his buddy to warp in......It was just beautiful. I think each rifter went down in under 5 secs each. During this whole process I also captured and killed the pod of the destroyer, and one of the pods from the rifters.

So now I am back in empire gather my assests looking for fights here and there. I have looked at some corps and tried to find a group to run with. Seems right now my biggest issue is the timezone I live in. So I am continuing to run solo and enjoying the peaceful joys of it. I have thought about trying the War-Dec function of the game with some of the empire corps. I really dont have much experience in casting war-decs....So any constructive critisms will definitely help out here.

Till next time...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 you read this? To post or not to post....a

Aloha fellow eve pilots and blog readers.....aye it has been quite some time since my last fact i dont have remember what i last posted. I purposely havent read it either to see how differ the post are.

But here we are again...same old place same ole spa....well new space. After going on a long inactive period...even letting my account not train for two months....the eve itch started acting up and I had to fire EVE up. And after all the updates and downloading, all I could say is

Its really amazing how much can change in a game such as this. Power struggles ...political blocs changing and now we are coming up on CSM elections again. Hell I am even in a differ part of the world now myself which of course changes my primetimes online and that alone changes the game some.

So alrighty...back to the game...what is going on with me....well upon first launching eve and logging on....i had convo's poping up before the screen fully So after catching up and seeing that alot of people had new homes with differ secs of space and all kind of differ corporations from high sec mission corps to null sec/wh pirates.  Well i decided to run missions till i figured what i was going to do out. Wanting alittle more a few days of my buddies talked me into FW. 0% tax...still run missions....still can shoot people...sure sounds good. Well knowing me it only lasted a few days at best....null sec was beckoning....especially after seeing some of the i post out my stats and looked to see you was recruiting....Pleased to find a home near lots of friends I was picked up by a pvp corp withing Majesta now part of the NC and pew pew'ing against the drone living russians...i start my next chapter in EVE.

I also started up my trade corporation again far it has been going good. Although I noticed today when checking some orders that I have some person mostly....I could tell when across a certain market I play in. So Mr .65  ....if your reading this i am onto

Till next safe,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a new home.

So...i reckon I do have a few readers out there due to people telling me in-game to update my blog. Well what do I say.

Alot has changed...I have relocated myself and my family to a differ timezone and now the hours of play I get to experience brings me quite a new view of EVE.  The crowds are small and the space is limitless...LMAO ok yeah i am talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo atm.

So what has really happened. My corp is now along the side of the NC. Life has definitely been better, but it was no easy task in getting there. Sadly i must say that i really havent been on much of lately to assist my fellow corpmates pave the way for our new home systems. Yep thats right...back in null sec and enjoying it. Our numbers continue to grow and productivity still seems to be progressing. It is a very exciting time and through it we have continue to push through some of the rough spots.

For those of you that read this...and are part of the XSEXX family you know what i speak of. To the other readers...I wish i could go into details but i cant in order to respect which is what has happened. Still just imagine when hope of big dreams seemed lost....the few people that you play the game with raising up and leading others to continue on.

So what is next...EVE DOMINATION....lmao...nah probably not. Right now we will continue to support our fellow blues and show that we can be and ARE a vital asset to the there cause.

I continue to fly the Tengu...and well I have a few of them now. Still very pleased with this ship. I really cant see flying anything else...well...I am still working on getting into a carrier...I know it will be very different in which the ways i will use it a support my corp with it.

First carrier hold up...before the bashing begins about this ship...yeah i have heard and read all about it....i know the pro's and con's....and there are many of you that would probably say.."what pro's" yeah well maybe it all comes down to my toon roots...i started with caldari because of the faction background and continue to love playing as them.

However...While enyo is floating around in the alala toon sports the gallente types. Right now alala is in the ever so useful domi training up BS V. Yes...she will be in a thantos. I think the two carriers will be a nice support to each other.

What do yall think?

I still use the rifter for pvp...i love that little ship...but now i can also use the Wolf and Jaguar ships with enyo...And now that "Rifter Drifter" has posted a new guide...i am curious to see what changes have happened in the pvp areas in the last few months.

Till then,
Enyo Bellona