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Saturday, March 19, 2011

pop goes the rifter...

So about a week ago...not really sure on the exact dates....I was roaming around Agoze trying to find something to shoot. Sometimes an easy task...other times its playing keep away from the blob chasing you. Running around in my rifter I catch sight of another rifter in the first belt. Checking the information out on the pilot as i warped in...I noticed that he was a few months yonger then I.

The normal dance of hitting orbits began as projectiles begin flying back and forth. Taking my adversary into armor...his buddy warped in, another rifter. Determined to kill one of these guys I stuck around and continued the pursuit. As my ship's HPs quickly started going through armor I had my opponent into his structure. Well story short...the two rifters finished my rifter off quickly before I killed the target.

Determined for revenge, I returned with my Wolf. Same guy playing a bait setup again...this time though he was in a different belt and upon warping in...I found him making mence meat out of a young caldari pilot in a destroyer. I again engage him expecting his buddy to warp in......It was just beautiful. I think each rifter went down in under 5 secs each. During this whole process I also captured and killed the pod of the destroyer, and one of the pods from the rifters.

So now I am back in empire gather my assests looking for fights here and there. I have looked at some corps and tried to find a group to run with. Seems right now my biggest issue is the timezone I live in. So I am continuing to run solo and enjoying the peaceful joys of it. I have thought about trying the War-Dec function of the game with some of the empire corps. I really dont have much experience in casting war-decs....So any constructive critisms will definitely help out here.

Till next time...

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