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Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a new home.

So...i reckon I do have a few readers out there due to people telling me in-game to update my blog. Well what do I say.

Alot has changed...I have relocated myself and my family to a differ timezone and now the hours of play I get to experience brings me quite a new view of EVE.  The crowds are small and the space is limitless...LMAO ok yeah i am talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo atm.

So what has really happened. My corp is now along the side of the NC. Life has definitely been better, but it was no easy task in getting there. Sadly i must say that i really havent been on much of lately to assist my fellow corpmates pave the way for our new home systems. Yep thats right...back in null sec and enjoying it. Our numbers continue to grow and productivity still seems to be progressing. It is a very exciting time and through it we have continue to push through some of the rough spots.

For those of you that read this...and are part of the XSEXX family you know what i speak of. To the other readers...I wish i could go into details but i cant in order to respect which is what has happened. Still just imagine when hope of big dreams seemed lost....the few people that you play the game with raising up and leading others to continue on.

So what is next...EVE DOMINATION....lmao...nah probably not. Right now we will continue to support our fellow blues and show that we can be and ARE a vital asset to the there cause.

I continue to fly the Tengu...and well I have a few of them now. Still very pleased with this ship. I really cant see flying anything else...well...I am still working on getting into a carrier...I know it will be very different in which the ways i will use it a support my corp with it.

First carrier hold up...before the bashing begins about this ship...yeah i have heard and read all about it....i know the pro's and con's....and there are many of you that would probably say.."what pro's" yeah well maybe it all comes down to my toon roots...i started with caldari because of the faction background and continue to love playing as them.

However...While enyo is floating around in the alala toon sports the gallente types. Right now alala is in the ever so useful domi training up BS V. Yes...she will be in a thantos. I think the two carriers will be a nice support to each other.

What do yall think?

I still use the rifter for pvp...i love that little ship...but now i can also use the Wolf and Jaguar ships with enyo...And now that "Rifter Drifter" has posted a new guide...i am curious to see what changes have happened in the pvp areas in the last few months.

Till then,
Enyo Bellona

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