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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The crash of TWO cpu's and Tyrannis

Well so far this has been a crappy week. First my desktop refuses to stay on as my wife pointed out. I really havent looked into it as of yet but I am guessing the Pwr supply needs to be replaced....but not sure.

And after downloading and patching for Tyrannis...hmm corrupted EVE data. Ran the repair tool...even that didnt fix next was taking eve off my laptop and re-installing. Well somehow doing this crashed my laptop...which was very very irritating....especially with wifey asking every 2 minutes if i fixed it yet and what is wrong with it while chuckling in the background. first experience with Tyrannis was corrupted eve data that eventually crashed my laptop.(new laptop) So last night I decided to return the laptop to factory settings....wiping EVERYTHING from the computer...which was probably long over-due. And proceeded to download the full client again last night. Hopefully I will be able to complete all the patching needed today with any software updates on the CPU and see how the new expansion looks.

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