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Monday, May 10, 2010

*drum roll*......T3 Tengu Complete

Alrighty....after buying pieces here and there over the past few months. My Tengu is finally complete and assembled. Eager to play with it after gettting it together, I took it into a few level 3 i know...overkill....but I need to test the water first. But it wasnt but maybe an hour later that I took it into some level 4 missions. And.....OMG....this thing is a beast.

Current DPS 569. Current omni tank is 830-1058. Speed is 231-499m/s.  Right now I am clearing missions quicker then I ever have...and thats including using a CNR. And all I can think about now as I play is...I WANT MORE!!! LOL...Thank goodness that I can get just alittle bit more DPS and Tank out of this thing...but even just means faster easier missions.

So sorry for the absence  in blogging lately, but in RL me and my wife are soon to be expecting our first child any day now. So I have been running around like crazy prepping for the baby and prepping for a move as well.

But best believe the T3 is getting its use and every min of use is quickly paying for itself.

Till next time....


  1. I'm curious about your fitting, how do you get such numbers?