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Friday, February 12, 2010

...hmmm...i know ...YARR!

LMAO...So last night started out very frustrasting and ended nicely and even with a few laughs.

So it starts out...I log on...and well I have been doing mining as of lately for easy semi afk iskies while I work on various things around the house. Finally I get some time to log off the laptop, my mobile EVE, and go log on the desktop. And there I am....sitting in a a vessel used for mining....Life sucks. This is just boring...i remember when i first started the game and it brought such thrill to me. But now...everytime i do it....i try to find a reason not to hit the self destruct....BOOM bye bye miner.

So having enough...i contact a buddy....repackage the needed items, reprocess the others...contract over the stuff...BAM...transportation taken care of. *Red Frog Frieght...good service*.

So back to my "home" station and I am trying to figure out what to do. So i go check out the blogs i am following....looking through randoms dates i found one that was pretty entertaining and he posted about one time out...apparently he found himself a russian.

And it all started with a simple convo opener.."how are you doing" or "how is your ship doing"...something along the lines of that...then following the posted convo...2mins later the russian calls the guy a "whore" and then starts typing russian. Still following the convo, the other party attempts to figure out what is being said and says something about meeting for Tea and the russian being thankful for assisting him in ship removal.

I died laughing at the context here, even told the wife about it. THEN IT DEFINITELY HAPPENED...why am i waiting for a corp to join. Quickly I jumped into a rifter i had already made for this purpose...knowing that one day it was going to happen...too manys thoughts about it...and i few my little caldari ass down to some low sec.

Now before starting...i was way excited so i had to slow down and make sure i was doing things right...i stopped in a station...bought 2 extra ships and some others...ok i believe i am good. Low sec was next door and i was ready for some fun. I have done high sec wars, and null sec battles...but low sec is supposedly all together a differ beast. DAMN...wife hurry and get her a drink...yeah yeah...well pregnacy beats EVE...ok back to the game and task at hand...So i warp to a spot and start checking my directional...looks like a caracal is near i find him in a belt ratting....Grin on my face and engines kicking out all the power they can i charge...

Target....lock...scram...web...guns....WTF....My Shields gone, Armor gone...POD...At this point. i like to mention...i am just staring at the computer....UHHH...WTF. Still there in my pod just looking at the caracal. And then it hits me....i never jumped into low sec. I got distracted by the wife for a few minutes and all i had on my mind was low sec. DOH...and the fail doesnt stop there... Thanking Concord for reminding me that i was in highsec, i warp back to the station with my ships........wait for it..........yep you have probably already guessed it....i undocked...again at station...BOOM....DAMNIT...

All those poor mini slaves lost...Dock back up. and now a buddy gets me talking about it...a few minutes into convo he asks me if my wreck was still there and if i looted it... *grins* happened again...undock Ba'BOOM.  At this point...i can not wait to get out of high sec....i dock up and leave my desk for 30 min. This trend had to be broken.

Alright 30min later...I gets back...eager more now then ever...i fly to a trade hub somewhat near myself a it out for 5 frigs with fittings to play with...throw it all in my transport...and head off this time to a system with medical services...determined to do better this time around. I find my station...i fit each ship right there...making sure not to rush. I then insure each ship...then i check my clone and station...make sure that is all upto with a few buddies...and ok i am set...i think.


Ok so its been awhile since i have done some pvp...i warp off to make a SS.  I see 4 people in local. Coming out of warp...whoa...there is a pod warping into the same spot...

*if you have seen the treasure cat from Alice in grins are one of the same*

I start spamming the target....Lock...SCRAM...hehehe...So i dont even get to do anything here...Bam Convo request pops upto me...and i am a very social person i like to think. So i accept and the first sentence almost as soon as the convo'ed opened..."ok how much do you want?" Already i like this guys attitude. 15mil later he was a free pod on his travels. However i learned later by looking up in local. That he lost his ship literally 40sec earlier before meeting me...ROFLMAO damn...if that doesnt suck i dont know what does.

So i continue on my SS the same time scanning the directional and keeping eyes on local. One guy in local apparently was trying to do a 1v1...and after him some russians and atlas poped into to me...i was thinking this had to be a setup. The toon was just a few months after a few minutes of finishing my SS...i convo'ed the guy...
me-"ok man i will bite...where at?"
him- how bout the station?
me- oh hell no...dont think so
him- ok where?
me- planet 1
him- ok warping...going for podding?
me- is that what you want?
him- yeah sure, why not...

ok so i warp at a distance away to first look for the setup...sure was just him in a rifter also. after a few seconds i figured what the hell...i will try to take him out before anyone jumps in...we both start flying at each other...20km away i click half screen below him....12km i hit orbit.... This little shit is hauling ass around me and definitely out of range of my guns. After a quick  sec i realize he has artillery and a MWD fitted...i am not getting closer then 15km from him....and he is taking my shields down a little at a time...Not being to worried...i break warp and fly course to his dismay, this breaks his orbit and has his ship following me now...i cut my engines and turn around directly for him...*BAM* he is quickly 6km from me...LOCK SCRAM WEB...lets see ya move fast now....and the OH SHIT WTF comes across the convo...LMAO i get him locked down and orbit his i realize he also doesnt have a scram on either...he just webs me...but my cannons tear his hull a new one. I let him keep his pod as i look into his wreck...nothing big...all T1 stuff.

After that we both greet with "GF" and he moves on...later as i am searching around...jumping SS to SS...i find his capsule on directional...ok now its a differ i warp to him a few times...scaring him, but he managed to warp around in his pod before i could lock each time. Once his counter was done he left the system.

So that concluded my night...some would say Pirate...but i like to think of it all now as providing the "missing content" that so many like to say isnt around and there is nothing to do in EVE. In which now i also believe if you encounter another capsuleer in low should be nice and thank him for providing you that game experience you have been looking for...and even more so give him some isk for all their hard work to provide such services for you to enjoy the game.

Till next time,

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well being that my corp is at a mute status and it is now just a holding for some assets and a few people that wish to just stay in a named corp. I am now looking around at differ corps in EVE.

Pretty much looking for something to get into. Now i have talked to a few people already. And umm i like to point out "looking for something to do/get into" ....probably means that if i am looking or talking to your means that something that you have said or your corp does has caught my eye and i am interested. And interested meaning that if/when i joined...all my assests/eve time would be directed towards the corp direction.... Because why would we join any corporation if we didnt want to participate in the activitites, right?

I have also heard that after looking at my skills...LOL...that i look like an "all-around" skilled player...LMAO well duh...i have always considered myself a "jack of all trades"...But again...wouldn't a player that has skills everywhere including some nice spacecommand level V's and alot of other high level easier to get into the action of a corp compared to the 1-2 month toon with 1.5-3mil sp toon?

Anywayz...i not really looking for anything in particular, but looking for everything. It really dont matter...I have just enjoyed my lonesome playing style for a bit and now i am looking for some teamwork...something that just goes "DAMN...that was AWESOME" that too much to ask? Well i havent posted to the forums as of yet...seems like an evil way to get badgered to me...but i may have to go that route i assume.
If you read this and look at ^ what ya see give me a page here or in game...AND Please ignore what ever skill you see training...Mining Barge V is training....LOL that doesnt mean i cant pvp...i do have some kills being that i lived in 0.0 for a time. I have noticed that a few people have seen Mining barge and completely ignored that i have all caldari T1 ships at level V as well as other skills i have.

Till next time fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

Thursday, February 4, 2010

RL beckons

Well been kinda away for the past few days. Things in the RL of Enyo Bellona have kinda picked up. This has somewhat limited the activities with my time online.

So whats up now....lots and lots of mining. And maybe getting back into productions. These type of activities are relatively low demanding. So I decided to buy a freighter to help get things moved around with this type of play starting up. Right now I am sitting at two accounts and am trying to figure out whether or not a third account would be worth it. Right now i have an Hulk/orca/freighter pilot and a general PVE/PVP pilot. My my general pve pilot isnt to far from either a hulk or an orca. So I am thinking of training up a third account for the use of an hulk or an orca......the idea would be having two hulks and 1 orca.

I did also move locations for this activity. Found a pretty nice area that has few the belts are nice....however being in a system with no station makes a few things alittle more complicated being that i do not have a POS out here....something to think about i suppose. Anywayz, i am off.

Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona