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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well being that my corp is at a mute status and it is now just a holding for some assets and a few people that wish to just stay in a named corp. I am now looking around at differ corps in EVE.

Pretty much looking for something to get into. Now i have talked to a few people already. And umm i like to point out "looking for something to do/get into" ....probably means that if i am looking or talking to your means that something that you have said or your corp does has caught my eye and i am interested. And interested meaning that if/when i joined...all my assests/eve time would be directed towards the corp direction.... Because why would we join any corporation if we didnt want to participate in the activitites, right?

I have also heard that after looking at my skills...LOL...that i look like an "all-around" skilled player...LMAO well duh...i have always considered myself a "jack of all trades"...But again...wouldn't a player that has skills everywhere including some nice spacecommand level V's and alot of other high level easier to get into the action of a corp compared to the 1-2 month toon with 1.5-3mil sp toon?

Anywayz...i not really looking for anything in particular, but looking for everything. It really dont matter...I have just enjoyed my lonesome playing style for a bit and now i am looking for some teamwork...something that just goes "DAMN...that was AWESOME" that too much to ask? Well i havent posted to the forums as of yet...seems like an evil way to get badgered to me...but i may have to go that route i assume.
If you read this and look at ^ what ya see give me a page here or in game...AND Please ignore what ever skill you see training...Mining Barge V is training....LOL that doesnt mean i cant pvp...i do have some kills being that i lived in 0.0 for a time. I have noticed that a few people have seen Mining barge and completely ignored that i have all caldari T1 ships at level V as well as other skills i have.

Till next time fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

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