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Thursday, February 4, 2010

RL beckons

Well been kinda away for the past few days. Things in the RL of Enyo Bellona have kinda picked up. This has somewhat limited the activities with my time online.

So whats up now....lots and lots of mining. And maybe getting back into productions. These type of activities are relatively low demanding. So I decided to buy a freighter to help get things moved around with this type of play starting up. Right now I am sitting at two accounts and am trying to figure out whether or not a third account would be worth it. Right now i have an Hulk/orca/freighter pilot and a general PVE/PVP pilot. My my general pve pilot isnt to far from either a hulk or an orca. So I am thinking of training up a third account for the use of an hulk or an orca......the idea would be having two hulks and 1 orca.

I did also move locations for this activity. Found a pretty nice area that has few the belts are nice....however being in a system with no station makes a few things alittle more complicated being that i do not have a POS out here....something to think about i suppose. Anywayz, i am off.

Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

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