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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Most violent systems and a stranded BS needing help...

Last night system PF-346 was ranking the most violent system for a hour or so... What a great place to go check out.

Eve Ventures (Manticore) ship is packed and ready to go. Flying out from my home wasnt too bad...only 15 jumps to system. So as I started...people in corp and public channel was asking what I was doing...I told them my idea and of course they started laughing.

But alright get the the  gate before system...66 people in I start to think of all the possible outcomes, I begin to grin a bit. Well this is either going to be a very short venture....or a completely dull one. As I jump and enter syndicate region. I remember someone telling me that GOONS have somewhat moved into this region....confirmed by looking at the Cry Havoc does seem a good bit of them have been dying here...So...we got Cry Havoc., Ev0ke, IT, Goonswarm, and a few other small alliances in this area....NOW DOES THAT SPELL PARTY OR WHAT!.

In PF systems now...only 11 freaking people in this system...first thought of course was how the hell was this the most violent system. OK...well there is only 2 gates in this systems so there is only one path that people can take....I warp on to the next gate to see if at least there is a gate camp set up... And there are about 4 ships all at random safe points over 150km away from the gate... I am not sure if they were working together or not... At one point I saw the 4 ships together and for quite some time. And then out of no where...BAM...3 of the ships start attacking the 4th member...LMAO...never trust anyone I guess.

So after 1 bombing attempt and failing at that...I sat around for about 20 more min and nothing happening. So time to start looking at the map....seeing where I was located and what was was only about 20 more jumps to some where that looked to be in the middle of the Fountain region. And let me tell was a pretty unevent trip. Passing through systems and throwing up the "o/" ...people are either afk alot...or scared to talk to new comers. AND I wasnt asking to see a titan this time around in space....just saying HI.

Well about 4 jumps from destination, i recieve a random convo. Apparently 1 of the pilots saw me wave and was asking if I was looking for something or needed something. After a pretty decent convo, I come to learn that this pilot in fact was stranded in the middle of Fountain. And not only stranded...his corp earlier that day i guess decided to launch a TCU in the middle of Fountain. LOL. I asked this guy if his head was screwed on right...I mean I know I am not all there flying all over where I have been at....but at the same time...I freaking pulling out the Tent and campfire in someone else's backyard either.

So I am curious to hear the outcome of this. SO if any IT alliance guys or these guys who I am talking about will keep me posted...nice...I will post any info I get about this situation.

Anywayz...back to this guy is stranded in a Typhoon out here with no other members...LMAO...and has half his armor and apparently no armor reps...oh and is cloaked somewhere near a TCU his alliance/corp launched. Having nothing else to do...and this being the first interesting thing of the night....I offer my services to scout him back to high sec.


But I am neutral to most of eve and hey I am a friendly for the sake of good convo and something to do...we wait a few min for his other buddy in a manticore to show up. And then we are off. Funny though...both of these guys are deciding to be in null sec but neither have scouted or know about how to scout....again...the trip out back to high sec was very quite too...

The only scene of interest was when an ares was coming up on our back for what ever reason...I was thinking arazu. I dont know why and I didnt realize it till after it was too late to do anything. But I was thinking...damn I could let this guy chase the Typhoon...hold my cloak...and then BOOM goes the bomb....bye bye interceptor.

Well so back in high sec and docked up. I ended the night. I was looking at the Sov influence map noting the differ alliances. I see some alliance called "Looney Tunes"....I wonder if they are funny at all. I am thinking about heading up to visit them and to say "Hi" to Razor alliance as well. Never have been up that way....dont see any reason why not to go.

Till next time...Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

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