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Monday, January 25, 2010

The First post and history of Enyo Bellona

Ahh...the creation of ones first blog....taking a min to saver the moment here....breathe in....breathe out. OK done.

venture [ˈvɛntʃə]
1. (tr) to expose to danger; hazard he ventured his life
2. (tr) to brave the dangers of (something) I'll venture the seas
3. (tr) to dare (to do something) does he venture to object?
4. (tr; may take a clause as object) to express in spite of possible refutation or criticism I venture that he is not that honest
5. (intr; often foll by out, forth, etc.) to embark on a possibly hazardous journey, undertaking, etc. to venture forth upon the high seas

1. an undertaking that is risky or of uncertain outcome
2. (Business / Commerce)
a. a commercial undertaking characterized by risk of loss as well as opportunity for profit
b. the merchandise, money, or other property placed at risk in such an undertaking
3. something hazarded or risked in an adventure; stake
4. Archaic chance or fortune at a venture at random; by chance

[variant of aventure adventure]
venturer n

Hello fellow bloggers, capsuleers, and whoever else unfortunately finds themselves here. Blogs are created out of many reasons...mine is boredom and to add that something else that seems to be missing from the world of eve. But we will make the best of it, right!?

So i started playing Eve about year ago, Jan 2009. Breaking away from the WOW choke hold and looking for other ways to curve my gaming interest i found EVE. Around 2005, i actually tried Eve after being recommended by a i wish i would kept playing from that point. EVE it doesn't curve nothing...EVE is a demanding place of trons.

Or more placed...EVE is definitely a game of what you make it. So I started the game as the lonely miner. Seemed like the easiest way to get into the game. And was shortly picked up by my first corporation. There i was guided in the ways of mining and industry. I remember mining in my Bantam, then osprey and admiring the Hulk and Orca pilots that would be in the fleet.

After about the first month in my new corporation, I learned of what "war-decs" were being that someone declared war on us. Our mining wing was determined to flourish and scouted new systems but our CEO wanted to place us in an area that was laughable at best for a eager mining fleet. In such myself and a few other left the corporation to seek other venues.

After joining another corporation that claimed much pride of its Transport and Industrial services, again people hiding in stations when threat of war existed, I created a corporation called New Angel Industries. From there a group of us formed up that were from my first corporation and started towards our goals of running an successful Industrial corporation.

Getting started was pretty rocky for most of us were new to the game of eve. In fact i remember having to buy the skills and training them just to get the corporation started for us.

Things that have happened since my beginning:
-Mass productions to the market
-productions for individual orders
-stepped into the trade markets
-have been part of two alliances(one being a industrial alliance and the other a null sec alliance)
-Ventured into WH living
-PVP here and there

And to cut to where i am at now... During my last venture into an null sec alliance, i was elected to lead. Showed promising results from the alliance especially being that it was a newly formed nullsec alliance. After 2 months of internal politics and a few members not being able to follow the guidelines set forth....everyone was at each other throats. CEOs couldn'nt agree with each other if the alliance wasn't going in the direction that "they"  each believed the alliance should go. It was a nightmare and a big headache at best. The alliance had 2 leaders before me and to say the least i understood why they chose to pass the ball on. I myself being the 3rd leader in controlling the alliance also withdrew from the craziness. I did manage to get some good policies in and to some degree people were working together. But the downfall that always happens from what i people become extremely impatient.

After witnessing this and my departure from the nullsec alliance attempt, i developed my favorite quote so far in the game based on my experiences. "Everyone wants to lead, but nobody wants a leader."

So what am I doing now...well me and few other pilots grouped back together under the NAI flag. Each of us doing our own thing for alittle break and change of pace. I recently JC'ed back down to null sec to pickup a JC and a stealth bomber. On my trip back to empire i met a few ppl along the way, dodged some camps and eventually met death causing me a 3oomil lost in the clone and implants. Not too much cost though.

The adventure in my death was worth it. So my last jump before highsec and i find myself in a massive camp setup by AAA. So to set the tone...20 some jumps and nothing big has happened. Entering my last lowsec system i jump through the gate...screen loads...and there are ships and drones galore. Not to mention i am also in a large bubble from the looks of it. So no worries i will just cloak up and navigate my way out of the bubble. I get out of the bubble with no problems. I figure 70km away from this camp was plenty of distance to view what was going on and not get into trouble.

So i start up a chat in local saying hello to the fellow pilots and complimenting on the setup they have. Getting lost in convo, i figure it is time continue my trip. NOW this is where i get dumb...watching the camp jump to the other gate in system...for some reason i think the gate i was sitting at is the one i am supposed to jump through...DOH...i jump through and now find myself 2 jumps from high sec...a few moments of WTF...jump back through and proceed to where the gate camp has moved we go again.

Dodging ships and drones with a few close calls i get within 6km of the gate....feeling pretty confident, i figure i will uncloak and hit the MWD to briefly show myself before jumping. Now i am not sure on game mechanics here....but before i could fully uncloak and hit my MWD...LOCKED...ALPHA...SB GONE...damn gate is 5km away...LOCKED...PODDED...thank you for activating clone.....enjoy your new afterlife.

So end trip resulted in dumb noob eagerness causing death...but it was worth while. SO my next possible ventures after this.... couple options...currently talking with a big alliance about assisting there production operations, continuing to just mission whore in empire, back into WH ventures, or now with thoughts...venturing throughout EVE in a covert scanning ship purely exploring.

EVE is so vast...and there are so many many alliances...and i have yet to see a titan, To witness one of these massive server crashing fleet battles, and much more. Still undecided...hopefully in the next few days i can come up with something.

Till then fly safe and have a nice day,
Enyo Bellona

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