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Thursday, January 28, 2010

WH cleaned up and change of plans....oh GOONIES!

After a few hours of play last night and listening the the planet risk show live for the first time, i managed to finish the rest of the sites in my Wormhole.

-3 perimeter checkpoints
-4 perimeter hangars
-3 sleeper data sanctuary
-3 Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27

After clearing the rest of these i rescanned...yes i know i should've scanned when i logged on but I was just happy enough to see that my wormhole system had to load, meaning nobody coming through. Scanning revealed that i did however have 3 wormholes present in system now compared to the 2 wormholes I had the night before. I also had 2 ladar sites and 2 grav sites. Being that I didnt have the tools with me for the ladar and grav sites, i passed and went to check out the Wormholes in my system:

-1 null sec WH
-1 class 5 WH
-1 class 2 WH *new*

Awesome, so the difference last night was i had an extra WH. After inspecting each of the WHs, none of them were K162's. Which actually surprised me because i was under the belief that a WH would only have as many "outbound" WHs respective to the class you were in. SO a class 2 would have 2 WHs, a class 3 would have 3 ...and so on. So kinda proved wrong on one aspect of it of that can have more it would seem.

OK back on i take the scanning ship into the class 2 and begin scanning. Someone was making use of this space. This is what was on overview:

-Amarr POS (not sure on size)
- 8 medium pulse lasers
- a few cruise missile launchers (1 or 2 i think)
- 1 citadel launcher....not sure why but ok.
- 2 corp hangars
- ship hangar
- 1 ballistic hardener (no other hardeners)

 And that was it so if it sounds like your setup, o/ i stopped by. After that initial system wide scan i began tracking signatures. BA DA BOOM...first signature scanned is high sec exit. Marked. DONE. Time to get orca. Nothing exciting really happens here...go back to my WH...warp point for orca made...jump orca into transistion class 2...warp squad to high sec WH...warp out. Time to cash in.

The Total for loot sold was 240mil isk. Which i dont think is bad for being in the WH 24 hrs. and of that only maybe 6 hrs being the actually play time.

So after selling off the items and thinking about doing it and a corp mate start talking about the events surrounding the GOONS. My corp mate did not know what i was talking about, so thanks to this posting in RifterDrifter Blog. I was able to link a good detail post about some of the things happening. And I also just noticed something while writing this....ole'RifterDrifter there is in AAA...and i was shot and podded by AAA just a few days ago...I wonder if he was in that camp.

*EDIT ADD: Found a post here from someone in IT i believe, with another POV on the DELVE/GOON events.

So like i was saying after catching my corp mate up to speed...we decided that why do ANYTHING else...other than going to check out the DELVE region. So prepping for the venture ahead...we would like to make it with out being podded...but the odds of that happening..are really really slim. Fitting up stealth bombers we are going to start our trip on saturday morning. Hoping to get some great screen shots i will be of course following up with a posting on what happens. So if you are reading this and part of IT alliance...PLEASE DONT SHOOT Could i be blue for a day? LOL. And well nothing personal against the GOONS..but hey...pretty much sounds like the group that everyone loves to hate...and me i just find some conflicts interesting and this is supposedly a very big deal.

So flight plan for saturday:
-depart to Delve
-not to get podded
-kill a goon i can dream right?
-have a few good convos
-hopefully making it back to empire without the pod express.

I would like to thank the PlanetRisk Show for plugging my new blog. Glad to hear them back up and running and if you didnt know this yet. The planetrisk guys are plotting a T1 Frigate/cruiser pvp free-for-all competition in the future. Check their site for more updates and great podcast.

Till then as always fly safe,
Enyo Bellona


  1. Yo! Great blog. Did you realize that your RSS feed is clipping the posts? People reading on iPhones or through Google Reader will have a hard time following the blog like that.

    (I actually never personally follow blogs that don't give the full RSS feed. Since your blog is new, thought I would give feedback. Best of luck!)

  2. Hmm...well hey thanks for the comment.

    I think I fixed the RSS feed issue. Let me know if it still persist.