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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Status quo so far, Where did the cans go...

So last night's settlement of the Mobile Task Force for my WH experience was successful. My idea here is to stay in WH space until i run out of ammo. Using the orca as my "storage-on-the-go" so far is working nicely as well.

Sites completed last night before logging:

-2 perimeter hangars
-1 Mag site.(Lesson learned here)

I only ran so few sites due to the time. After salvaging my 2nd hangar site it was around Mid'night and well 5 o'clock in the morning comes pretty quickly. The alarms starts ringing...i hit rings some more...i hit it some more...eventually wifey start hitting me each time I decided to hit the alarm and not get This normal routine gets me up around

Anywayz so I did however learn one of my first lessons with a Mag site. And that would be, not to warp off once you have cleared the site. DOH. Yep after clearing the site, i reported back to Alala and her orca to pick up salvage/mag site ship. Proceed to warp back thinking about the possible riches to find...only to find the cans are gone...well damn...still salvaged the site and continued on with the swapping of ships.

After the 3 sites were down, i logged on a trade toon to find out some of the expected rough returns of my work. So far i have roughly 64mil of salvage loot and i believe this took maybe 2 hours of actual site running. If you want to count the whole WH time start from entering and scanning...then roughly 4 hours. And from that aspect it looks pretty non efficient way of making ISK, but again i am out here just relaxing and chatting in convo's at the same time. So otherwords...not a bad 64 mil made in my eyes. I am hoping to see another mag site so I can attempt round 2. This time i wont warp off...but does mean Alala will have to warp the Orca into the Mag site to allow the switching of ships.

One of my corp mates made out a little better. Before moving into my class 2 WH...I also found a class 1 that was empty of player presence. I believe he made roughly 120mil in the same amount of time that i was flying the sites. However he has scanning skills leveled on the low end so he ended up leaving his WH before the verge of collapse.

Tonight i will probably look into clearing some more sites...and also looking to see how the site list is doing today. I have read about WH's "drying out", but the theory is the sites are consistantly channging locations as the are completed. So if that is the it safe to say even if you "dry out" a WH, it is only a matter of time before the tables turn and your WH starts feeling up yet again with sites?

We will see...till then Fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

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