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Friday, January 29, 2010

Destination Delve...System Y-OMTZ

Wowzers...Well first off I want to thank Baschthe Tirent, my corp mate, for jumping on last night with the quick change of plans.

Thats right, I could not wait until Saturday....oh no you silly pod pilots....there is no waiting there was only now. So as I logged on last night with the intention of just fitting a SB for the weekend trip. The excitement was building up as each module made its way on to my manticore. And at first it seemed like the night was going to be pretty dull since no one from the corp was on...I do like my convos.

So since no one was really on and I got my ship loaded up, I figured I would start installing a few new PS3 games that me and the wife bought. Just as I started to play and try out Assassins Creed II, of course THEN people started logging beckons and looks down on other videos games I think. So the chats start up...everyone is talking about their future eve plans and what is currently on and then Basch logs on. HOT DOG...its on...I shout out to basch to load his SB up, that I couldnt wait no more. Ever since I started thinking about jumping down I, the excitement has been unreal. So Basch loads up and we meet in Amarr space. 45 jumps away from the destination.

Destination: Delve, Y-OMTZ
Now I was asked last night from a GOONSWARM member why Ichoose to randomly come to Y-OMTZ. Well for all the readers and for the little ole goonie... I looked at delve region on Dotlan Maps. And I looked to see which system would be the deepest into the region and where I thought i might see some pretty cool stuff.

The flight down actually wasnt to bad. Met a few interesting people and names for corps/alliances. And it was the people that kept the trip interesting for us. One group that we ran into in null sec was the Rooks and Kings Alliance. LMAO these guys were some pretty good sports. One of them accidently invited me into a public channel ;o)  oh how the fun began. I quickly pulled Basch into the channel as well and we commenced chat channel warfare. Nothing bad...not really smack talking or anything like that, but lots of good humor and jokes.

Moving on we eventually got into the null sec areas of space...OOOOH... however i was kinda displeased with lowsec till this point. I expected a few more gate camps. Me and Basch only had to deal with it was poorly organized...not even a bubble...just a bunch of T1's sitting around...LMAO. we get into null sec and I am quickly checking on all the bios in local for each jump we do...noting the numbers of GOONS vs IT guys in system. we finally reach a system...I cant remember which it was...I may have gotten a picture of it...but there were cynos up...cynos down...cynos up...cynos down.
Finally...something that may be interesting.Basch shoots off to one cyno, I warp off to the other. They both were at stations and then eventually we found 1 at a POS...*at this moment I would like to say how much I now love Covert ships*...BINGO, we found an IT alliance POS. (I will post pictures of this later) Yes it was up and running and had a very very nice assortment of ships within the shields. I got a picture of 1 but before I could get a picture of the others...they disappeared. Off to war I guess.

Moving on...we finally get to the NOL-M9 system...and of course another cyno...warp...and close call...Me and basch almost found our selves in one of two large mobile warp disrupting bubbles. IT alliance had the place nailed down tight around the station. So we sat off the station and watched to see if any conflicts happened. The only one we saw there was the unforunate soul that got caught in a bubble and the lazers of apoc sitting 200km away on him. Looked like a Bee stuck in glue with a magnifying glass focusing the sun just right....*POP*...good bye.

Ok so at this point me and basch have had just about as much as we could take....we want to shoot something. Now realize...we are not blue to anyone down here...SO we uncloak and we get the big DP from everyone, LOL....not we continue on our trip...9 jumps away from destination. We see a couple of good prospects that we could've easily poped but after looking at bio's..they were IT alliance people's. Now like I said ...we are not blue to either...but I like conflict, WAR takes iskies and WAR makes right now since IT is invading...we are trying to support them in this trip...which doesnt work out later..I will explain. system..we jump and there is 1 T1 frigate...yes ONE sitting on the gate inside Y-OMTZ. So he sees us warp and cloak back up and then procedes to announce our presence and ships in local. And this dude is IT fact he was the only IT alliance member in system. The rest were mostly GOONS and a few Black Star guys. This guys was an idiot...for all goons knew we had BS's or capitals in systems hunting them down. Later learning after we shot and killed a Black Star Alliance member that they were friendly to IT alliance and also confirming that...I guess this guy was just trying to inform his friendlies in time use a CONVO dummy.
So yeah...we start Moon searching looking for the was also announced that GOONS were packing up a POS and moving...we did find this POS and yes I do have pictures that I will get added to this posting alittle later. We found it with only an Iteron V slowly moving items from the POS...again at this time we did not know who Black star was...but i will say that the Ity V did not live long and prosper. So here are two stealth bomber pilots surrounded with BILLIONS of isk in POS assests...and cant really do anything with you know how frustrating this was.

So we decided if we cant have it why make it aware to IT alliance that this stuff is unachored and ready to go...this is where we find out that Black Star is assisting IT alliance and then I start feeling bad for shooting the guy. But after a friendly convo, I get the confusion sorted and get Black Star set to blue and even offer to pay for the ship. But these chaps being the good people they are said no need....infact I even uncloaked for these guys to show the truce. It was a walk away situation with null sec area being they did not fault me. Now I dont know if this corp/alliance set us to blue...i will not assume...but while I am operating in Delve I will not shoot anymore of their pilots at the time being.

So with our destination reached, here are the things we had happened or seen:
-1 fail gatecamp
-1 ship killed
-convo interview with 1 goonswarm member
-convo interview with 1 IT alliance member
-pictures of some IT capitals taken
-1 IT alliance POS up and running in Delve
-1 GOON alliance POS being taken down and looted by Black Star

So not completely dull but not completely fulfilling as well. I hope their will be some more exciting events happening this weekend....oh yes, the all mighting weekend. If I am not shot and podded by will then be returning to Empire and figuring out my next objective to go check out.

***I will be posting the pictures up to this blog post by the end of today or before 0000 EVE time. I hope.***

Till then...ignore any sigma talks from goons...and fly safe,
Enyo Bellona

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