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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Class 2 WH

Alright...well after 2 days of scanning...tonight i found myself a class 2 WH with no body living inside. SWEET! So what next...the excitement at first has overwhelmed me. So to get things going... i logged in Alala to get the orca up and running.

Alala undocks the orca and proceeds only 3 jumps away to target system. It figures that as soon as i really get things going...everyone decides to call my cell. So after weeding out the calls and making sure RL is in order. I jump back onto eve. Orca is one hop out. So i do some scanning with Enyo to see what i am working with...first  inital scan show 12 sleeper sites and 6 other sites. Not to bad i think. After scanning down the sites i come up with 2 gravs, 1 ladar, 1 mag, and 2 Wormholes.

-wormhole leading to class 5
-wormhole leading to null sec

Now i have read a few theories on WH operations and how the mechanics work, so i am curious to see how this plays in my new home.

So Alala show ups in system. I jump Enyo out to allow warp point. I get into system and get to work...first order of business was to collapse the WH i entered through. The orca made this happen with a total of 4 jumps...ending on the right side of the WH.

So my "Mobile WH Operation Task Force" consist of the following ships:
-Destroyer (Salvage)
-Covert Ops (Scanning)

So after the everything was done and ready to was time to cloak the orca and do one more round about in the system. Time to get things killed.

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