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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CNR DOWN...WH Ops Green

UGH...So I log on last night to update some market orders on a Trade corporation that I also run. And figured oh what the hell...I will get in a few easy missions.

Enyo awakes at the station. Shaking the darkness away, Enyo makes her way down the corridor to the ship dubbed "Free-Bird". A most majestic ship to rid eve of a few more npcs.

After haggling with Agent for a minute, I received my mission for the night, The Blockade. Great. Easy mission and some good iskies put into the wallet. Knowing already what to expect in tonight's encounter I sent the ship's technical loadout for tonights needs to the Hangar Technicians. No major changes, all they needed to do tonight was load up Paradise Cruise Missiles and swap out the ship's shield hardeners. Last mission the technicians placed left the sansha setup, although I required an angel cartel....idiots...almost cost me my ship.

Since I have been running missions for the Ministry of War, I have had to keep more of a watchful eye. Greedy pilots sit outside these stations, waiting for the next expectant pilots to act out of habit instead of instinct. Last week I watched as two of the newer pilots in this system fall victim to a can flipper. I swear, I could hear the screams going through the darkness of space as Pulse Fitted Harbingers tore through the hulls of their newest victims.

Undocked from the station, I initialized the CNR's navigation system to the location of this so called "Blockade." Once in warp i admired the blue haze around the ship...thinking of what my next venture should be. Missions are great, but they are repetitive and do get a tad bit annoying. And still getting used to the podded experience thanks to AAA alliance, my new clone was still adjusting to the freshly installed implants. Any how, the CNR was starting its shutdown of the warp drive. Tonights mission was almost underway.

BAM...warp drives offlining...sansha pirates in targeting range. Hardeners Onlining. All standard protocols were going as planned. Just like they always do.

Popping the attacking Battleships, leaving the frigates for my drones, and battlecruisiers somewhere in the mix of being disposed by both means at hand. The mission was coming to a close. Just a few more Battleships to kill then 1 more wave.....famous last words. Just as a Battleship started to fall apart due to the devestation brought upon in from the cruise missiles...a last act of desperation took place.

Sensors lighting up, alarms going off, and display filling up. DAMNIT... The last ship that was destroyed managed to send a communicated warning to  the other sansha ships in the area. Now surrounded and clearly out numbers in gank and tank ability. It was time to get the hell out of here. Demanding the reactors of the CNR to react the ship slowly started to align...Shields taking heavy damage with boosting on. Cap on the verge of non existance....ALIGNED...WARP ENGAGED....WTF...oh no...looking around something was not right. Checking the displays, sensors, and alarms...WARP ENGAGED...finally a sensor flashed in the HUD...and a sudden fear entered the eyes of Enyo. Warp Jammed.

Where did this lone frigate come from to cause me lost of the wonderful ship. Targeting systems adjusted to the frigate in question, drones deployed, missiles away...a race of time. The ship shaking in space ... alarms ... fires taking place in the lower decks beneath the bridge. Communications were down...this was it...slowly the CNR took the beating launching missiles the whole time.

A capsuleer often questions the few seconds between death and life...for each person the experience is different. However...The sansha may have claimed my ship, but my pod reached safety. Docking back up...Enyo looked over the evolution of what just happened. Shaken in disgust. It was decided its time to get hell out of here. Turning on the telecommunications link between Enyo and her sister Alala. The two talked and agree' was due time for a change of space.

Alala quickly organized the list of items that Enyo was requesting...filling up the corp hangars of the Orca, checking up the requirements for the up coming journey. Receiving the contracted items from Enyo, Alala had Hangar technicians place the Salvage Destroyer and the Drake into the ship bay of the orca. Food rations, armor reppers, hull reppers, almost a hundred thousand of the fury missiles, cloaks, tractor beams, salvagers...the list was almost endless but required for new venture at hand.

The Orca was loaded. Waiting for the pod to be fully intergrated with the ship, alala recieved the system location in which to meet up with Enyo. Enyo for now is flying the Covert Ops Scanning Frigate for Caldari, The Buzzard. Comms were quite tonight, knowing the frustrations of her sister, alala settled in for the long long trip that was ahead of them. Looking back on the home station...she knew it would awhile before she saw this place again.

Enyo quickly jumping system to system scanning down any and all signatures within reach. Back into the dark...back to where sound is obsolete. A strange alien force known today as sleepers occupy these...these Wormholes. This is where enyo was determined to make her new home...away from the insanity of empire. The battling factions and politics that were always falling and rising with new leaders...*smirk* Enyo thought to herself..."Everybody wants to lead, but nobody wants a leader". Off into the deepest of space enyo and her sister alala traveled...looking for absence, non existance of politics...just to be left with a pilot and her missiles.


  1. Honestly dude, it takes a serious nub to lose a CNR in a level 4 :P

    Kinda made me facepalm a bit :)

  2. LoL...there was about 10min of numbing awe after this happened. I could not believe it happened myself. Lesson learned: never get comfortable in multi hundred million isk ships!