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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey how the hell are yall? So I have been pretty absent this month. I log on still fairly often just havent really been doing alot outside of missions atm. Right now in RL world I am busy prepping for a cross country/water move and me and the wife are expecting our first child any day day it will

So what has been going on exactly in-game? Well ....I lost a Tengu. Yeah...its true and irritating. While in a mission with a active tanked tengu, my cpu froze up briefly....and when this happened my shield booster was not active. When I returned to the updated screen...there I was sitting in a pod beside a tengu wreck....

An EMORAGE quit was close to happening i said my cpu froze up but at the time i didnt realize it was my computer...i thought the server crashed. Well after finding out what happened and realizing fault was on my part or my cpu's part. I looked at my options. I went through assest and liquidated a few things...rebuilding a tengu and this time making sure it is cap-stable for any other future glitches.

So it has been going fairly well since then. Finally found use of my LP and decided to put some faction ships out on contracts whiched worked pretty well. And now I am starting to get back where I am comfortable with the process now of moving faction ships across space.

And my counterparts in the corp right now are starting to see that mining in highsec or at least how they are doing it is not profitable for them at all...even with multiple accts running. As far as me....right now after talking with another CEO outside Empire space....I may be making a transistion back to null sec. Time will tell and so will blogs.

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