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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The past week and RvB

Well the last week has been for the most part pretty slow. Most of the members coming to Eve Ventures took this past week to clean up some last minute items and release roles in corps that they were in. We were also contacted by some previous members that orginially flew under the NAI flag and disappeared. So right now things seem to be coming along nicely with the new and old gather yet again under the same flag.

So while everyone was getting their things in order. A few of us decided to go play RvB. For those that do not know what RvB is in Eve Online. It is two corporations that are at constant war. Think of it as controlled high sec pvp. Matches are organized usually consisting of T1 frigates. As well as your regular station-camping warfare. There are rules and restrictions in this faction war set by the two corps. For example while we were there no ECM boats(Caldari Jamming Boats) are allowed to be used in there purpose EXCEPT when your respective corp is being station camped at it HQ.
The Corporations are respectively: Red Federation and the Blue Republic.

This high sec battle takes place in the Verge Vendor region (Gallente Space). So if you are KOS to the Gallente probably wont be able to get into the group with out raising some standings. Which 1 of our guys had to grind and train Diplomacy up so he could play.

We joined the Red Federation. So I cant really speak on how things work for the Blues. But from our few days there we noticed that the Reds were usually losing on the battle field. And after a few losing battles you do kind've find yourself frustrated with the limitations. In my opinion it seemed that the Reds played to nice and stuck to protocol and carebare ways of fighting. While the Blues...would consistantly station camp the RED HQ and also gate camp. For whatever reasoning....the Reds do not do this often or employ these tatics. From a 3 day trip into the red corp...most of our battles were organized with the Blues...with underlying contracts of ship use before hand. Example...In my last fight with them before leaving...we had a 15 man fleet of frigs. The blues couldnt form a 15man fleet so the Red FC at the time gave Blue FC permission to to field 2 cruisers, 2 Destroyers, and 6 frigs....And with an agree'ed fighting location with us arriving on the scene first...we were pwn'ed. Pointing out to the FC that even though we showed up first...the Blues, in my opinion were be handed the fight and field advantage...OH and i forgot to mention...apparently we were not allowed to primary the Blue FC regardless what ship he showed up in....WTF right.

Being the last frigate to go down in the battle I was able to see the whole thing play out. We showed up...the blues entered system and warped in 30km from the starting location...making our frigs having to burn out to them. Being that Blues were smart about this...not only this they warp at a distance, they also fitted for distance. So we had a few frigates INSTA POP right off the start. From there is was a mix of Primary being switched every few secs and reds try to get to the new primary and Blues taking us out 1 by 1. was good laughs. But after 3 days of the same we were ready to leave and finish getting things to our New system.

We scouted areas looking at belts in systems, jumps from low sec, and jumps from null sec. Hoping to get into alittle bit of everything. Yesterday, pretty much everyone put in there application into Eve Ventures and were accepted. Kill Joy, the Eve Ventures CEO, was on briefly last night so we didnt have to wait long for our acceptance into the corp. The location for us setting up base was given out to us on Sunday. So me and another pilot gather all of our assests in 1 location and started the frieghter runs. I completed my couriers yesterday, but before I logged off last night. My buddy informed me he still had about 49 jumps left on his frieghter trip...which also includes him having to stop off at a few stations to pick up contracts and items. LOL that sucks. But we should officially be up and running at least me and 3 other pilots on starting up some of the industrial aspects. Our PVP group is still putting there ships together...but we may very well be getting into a roam this weekend into low or null sec. After looking at all the assets that were moved and the attitude of the corporation we joked about it last night when someone said " looks like we are actually doing something"

lol...till next time.

-Oh also...two WH bloggers that I been reading have made changes as well and moved to null sec for a new operations. So good luck to Star Defender, writer of Eve Online Wormholes, and Quivering Palm, writer of The Planet Risk Show and part of SI Radio Corp.

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