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Monday, April 12, 2010

COME ON....not again!!!

Ya just figures! What is it they always say...if it seems to good to be true then it probably is.

What a if you read my last post, you know that i found a new corp and still was residing in 0.0(null sec). Well man was life sweet. In fact life was so sweet, that some of the Bellona family also ended up down in Null sec bringing there Mobile Orca Wrecking Crew with them. And then....3 weeks....I dont believe it was a full 3 weeks in the corp....and we get the email:

 Darklore United will be closing down!

It doesnt go with out saying....EVERYONE in the corp learned this news with a sadness in there heart. From what I am seeing...I guess a few things happened in the upper echlon of power...and the current operations just wasnt possible to keep up without creating security risks. SO...With this news I had to do something and something quick, because of the weekend deadline, I didnt want any of my crew to be stuck in 0.0 in mining ships...LOL...neutral to everyone. (However, a buddy showed me a video last night of a guy doing pvp in a HULK and kicking @$$).

So after getting all my assests in the station...we have that will be going back to high sec...Orca, Hulk, Kestrel...lots of loot, personal BPOs, ammo, minerals, .....the big things were Orca, Hulk, and BPOS....lots of potential isk lost here. So what do I do....I do what every Enyo does best...I pack the orca up...Strap Alala in as the Orca pilot...Cloaking device installed on the big beast. Enyo gets into a Kestrel for the needed scouting with cloaking device installed....

If you havent guessed by now....YES, I flew and jumped the orca some 30 jumps through NULL SEC...and Yes i made it all the way to empire with out getting popped. So what is the going rate for Orca's and Hulk's...I considered myself making about 600mil since i didnt lose those ships...and we wont even talk about BPOs. But safe in Empire...It was time to find the next thing to do.....Tune in for the Next Post coming at ya very SOON!

Oh...and to my now former CEO: Whiskey514, I hope you find something else in Eve. It was a very sad day to hear you were closing down. Good Luck!

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