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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Operation...recover small POS

SO ...I log on today to a notifications going blinky blinky....seems that someone found my small POS and decided to shoot at it while bored.

Out of chance I convo'ed this person and started chatting with them about the POS and how it became left all by itself. Offering to unanchor and give it to him...he came back with 100mil for finders fee....never really expecting to get this POS back and being the cost of it all....I decided that wouldnt be too bad but notified him that i wouldnt pay until it was back in highsec safety.

So far it is going good...the guy had to log off...and I am currently unanchoring the Tower itself.

So I would like to thank LmarrFudd for his assistance of POS recovery.


  1. Was this a...Faction tower?

    I seem to remember small towers costing, like, 100 mil seeded.

  2. No it was not a faction tower. I know that small towers are only around at first it seems pointless to pay and recover...but when you factor in that I also had a Corp hangar, a Ship Hangar, items and fuel inside the POS...the 100mil was a good deal. I was able to recover all assets with only a few days of fuel burnt. I posted that I initially took in 10 days. That was the first trip in. Afterwards I moved more in as I planned on a good stay.