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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What has happened in the past 5 days....

                             ***Warning: This is a long Post***

The answer to the post in short....ALOT.

So in my last posting I was writing about how I decided to leave the class 1 WH I was in and cashed out with around 480 Million isk. And there were a few comments and someone asked what my next plan of action was....another WH? Yes. And....well it kinda went like this...

It seemed that my recent activities was attracting some of the corpies and fellow pod pilots that used to be in the corp. So after docking up in a station...Me and my other lead guy of the corp start to figure out how we would move this into a corporation operations...But for the time being...just me and him, until our other pilots that we keep in contact with join back up into the corporation.....

***Brief stopping point...when we started WH's a month or so after the expansion came out....we were 40 strong...setup in a class 3 with over 2 billion isk investment...We get in the WH, i think there was about 16 of us in the start, and get everything anchored and online...took about 10 hrs just getting things anchored and online. We finished up 45min before downtime. Feeling accomplished we all log for the night. I get a call 5hrs later, being asked to log onto EVE to see the POS. When I logged on...the Control Tower was sitting 60km away from the closest structure. Our ships were in the SMA except for a few people. We couldnt unachor any structures or access our ships. After reporting this to CCP, it took 3 weeks for everything to be resolved...but the effect already took place among the players. People quit the game, some still log on every now and then.... only a select few are still here chancing WH everynow and then.***

So my co-founder tells me that we should plan on being back in by back in WH today was the plan. And this convo was happening this past Saturday....**Still with me, lol** Me being the determined one and already having a POS starting setup ready to go....I started Scanning. Found a few dead WHs and a few already taken. After about an hour...BINGO...another very nice Class 1. So, right away I start moving things in....starting with a small tower, SMA, and Corp Hangar, with enough fuel for 10 days. Seeing how the WH was empty according to scan...and the system I came in through was empty AND according to dotlan hasnt had any jumps in the past few hours...I figured I was in the clear...***Thoughts on where this is going?***

SO speed up the process i start moving things with both of my toons....On my last trip I get back to the WH to find 16 ppl in system and every type of ship going through that WH...No they didnt kill me....BUT they did collapse the Entrance to the WH before my eyes....Leaving a ONLINED Small Tower, SMA, and Corp Hangar with fuel.....DOH. Lesson learned here....ALWAYS leave a toon in the WH.

OK so moving on....I still have WH kits I take a break briefly to go shoot some NPC's and come back to scanning. WH first try....Class 2 with a class 1 and class 3 inside. The class 1 and class 2 had SOME CRAZY setups in them....everything being faction structures...VERY impressive indeed. So I continue to scope out the class 3....OMG what a beautiful site....No structures, No wrecks, No presence. What was on scan...43 Cosmic Anomalies. ....Yes...43 COMBAT SITES...just waiting to be destroyed.

So again...I decided to go mobile this time and grab my WH orca on one toon and proceed in the WH...I make the transit through the class 2 and get into the class 3. I proceed to get the orca in a good SS and cloak. I then start my first site with Enyo...Now I have pretty good skills for the Drake. Been a drake pilot forever and do everything in the drake and have trained the skills to do so. HOWEVER....It takes FOREVER to run a class 3 site solo drake style. During the last wave of my first site, I casually hit directional expecting another empty scan other the the wrecks...Umm...Nope not this time...I see a Proteus named "I see you" with Sister Combat probes out....LMAO...I got the hell out of dodge quick and got to a Safe spot. And for the next 20 minutes I scanned down the rest of the signatures in the WH....and the only WHs inside the class 3 was the one i came in from the class 2 and a WH leading to Null sec. Well I have flown orcas through null sec and with a cloak I will do it all day long....I have done it many many times and so far have only lost 1 due to error on my part. *Thx Solar Fleet*....But no I had to go back through and get to High Sec....That was my route. So Changing up the drake and grabbing my Buzzard from the ship bay on the orca...I use the web/warp routine to get the Orca moving quick.  Expecting to see Mr. Proteus at the WH waiting....he was no where to be seen...So I get my orca and buzzard through no inside the class two...I dont know why ...but I completely forget to web my orca and took the buzzard striaght out into highsec. So ok...waiting for the orca to align and warp...I am sweating bullets....All I can think about is "great...another freaking loss in less than a day"...and then sure as hell...Mr. Proteus pops up on overview...11km from the orca..and I am at about 50% warp....with a full 6 seconds...this guy failed to lock me...So I get the orca in warp heading to the High Sec WH. Already there to meet me was again...Mr. Proteus...I land 6km from the Gate...And this dude is grinning I am sure...and then I hit AB....again...and thank god...I get to the WH and jump into High Sec before any dmg is done to the orca. After that...I docked up and havent brought that acct online a break.

So that was just over Saturday and Sunday...What about the past 2 days...well...My blog is called "Eve Ventures" and another buddy that i have been flying with for sometime...we get the feeling of wanting to shoot things...So we meet up...him in a in a Hawk. And we roam low sec...after a few attempts...we just couldn't get anyone to bite. Then we spot another drake...and we go for it...the only guy in system with us...on the gate my buddy is also gate tanking. Then a Harbinger shows worries...we are still good and I am taking out their drones...And then it seemed all of the *Rooks and Kings corp/alliance* not sure what they are...come through the short...we died.

We refit once back in high sec....and start to ponder....what next...and then we start thinking about the wars that have been against us in the past...other industrial corps, mercs, etc....So we look up some of the industrials that had a grudge at one point. We find them mining....oh let the good times start...we are griefing...I know its terrible, but it was so fun and also funny. We were watching the local chat start to blow up...And we started just by looting wrecks to see who would shoot at us...let alone the past two days...have been very amusing.

Now if we could do this to a full degree...take everything we have enjoyed doing and put it all in one place...that would be the best...and we all agree'ed. In which...a new corporation was born...EVE for those that havent read back to the beginning of this blog... lets review shall we:

1st post and the definition of Venture

And although we are still setting the corp up and havent formed under it as of yet....we have already started our ....our...whatever we doing atm. Right now we have a corp contest for next week starting monday. And it is kinda like the Hulkgeddon thing but not. Pretty much ...we are not suicide ganking. The rules atm are:

Contest: Most Highsec kills
Start: Monday
End: Friday @ 10pm in the pilot's respective Timezone
-High sec only
-No suicide ganking, so you must be engaged first by target first.
-T1 ships allowed to be used: BC and below
-T2 ships allowed to be used: T2 Frigates only
-Going by a point system...1 ship kill= 1 point regardless of ship class.

Reward to winner: 10mil isk

So I think I have everything there...Yeah its not much but its all for fun and when we do things like these...especially to industrials that have grieved us...we showed in that past two days...we were able to secure systems for our own industrial needs...which was nice.

Is this how we are going to operate at all times NO not at Right now the plan is as follows....each week or every other week...we are planning on switching feed the need for everyone. When we decide to do WH...a few of the scanners will start looking...once a WH has been found...we all will move in and get to work...once we can no longer run the WH...and we pull out...another member will decided what we do...say he wants to low sec roam or null sec roam...then for the next week ...we do that...and so on. SO if you were to ask for a description it would be along the lines of:

WH/Exploration/Industrial/PVP/Missions/Mining Ops/War-Decs/High-sec/low-sec/null-sec....etc.

Its a very very general and very very broad spectrum of activities we will be taking part in. So if you see us around...stop by and say "Hi" ....We may not be the biggest, best, or the baddest of EVE...But you can bet we will always be having fun!

Till next time!

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