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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1 wreck 2 wreck 3 wrecks...what happened in here?

So still being pretty excited about getting into Wormholes and finding a class 1 home recently, I tend to get that..... "I wonder if someone is in my Wormhole" feeling while at work yesterday.

I had that run of cat-and-mouse with the russian that found the WH and to be honest...I know I havent seen him, but I also started to wonder if he just logged off. So yesterday during a break, I decided to log onto Dotlan and check the status of my Class 1 WH. Looking at the stats I can see where he popped my scan alt's ship...and the sleeper kills and jumps....Everything looked like how it should. And still even later in the day...the thought continued to brew in my head...."SOMEONE IS IN MY WH"....I was so sure and so determined that there was...

So I look again on dotlan on my last break...sure as $H!T...There are some Sleepers being killed and I saw about 4 jumps...Damn...someone is robbing my site and laughing.

The day comes to an end and I eventually head home. Eager to jump on EVE and wreck some havoc on whoever was in....Yet I did not....I pushed the desire to the side and got some other things i needed to get done and spent some time watching TV with the wife...and then she put on her "TLC" and well I can only sit through so many "What not to wear" TV shows without twitching....

Finally...fired up the Laptop and launched my ship loads on grid...I immediately start hitting scan...and lo behold....wrecks and corpse everywhere....umm WTF happened here....Seeing the corpse names I decided to convo these people up. None of the names were of the russian guy...and I was thinking maybe he was in here and these unforunate people got to meet him up close and personal.

However, they did not. They were part of a young corp and under 6 month old toons. Apparently, these guys found the WH, I am guessing from a High Sec entrance, and decided to didnt look like they did much to my either more sites spawn'ed and it balanced out...or they could hack the class 1. But as they decided to leave...the WH collapsed on them and guess what...yep, none of them had a probe launcher or they decided to shoot themselve out among each other....LMAO.

So there was no Mr. Russian and after figuring out what happened, I proceeded to run some of the cosmic anomalies. I ran for only a few hours...3 i think...and I still have about 13 sites left to go before I start up on the Cosmic Signatures. Now I know I have a few LADAR sites...and I do have gas harvesters in the WH with me...and I know that there are a few Grav sites...So now I am trying to figure out...since I have to get some more fuel in a few days...Should I go ahead and pull in a Large POS and Intensive Refining Array and knock out some of these grav sites?

I am not of yet...on which I am going to do...but maybe I will pull in a few corp mates for the Grav sites and share the wealth alittle.

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  1. Yeah it is always a little unnerving having that feeling that someone is in your hole. I just had a similar experience actually. Not fun.