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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adding to the stocks and planning for the next move

Ahh...another day passes...the quite sounds of W-space is haunting yet pleasing at the same time.

After checking Dotlan, I noticed that there were 7 jumps made in my WH system. seemed to just be people passing through. I am guessing that not many people think that Class 1 WH's are profitable. Which of course is pleasing me with untouched sites.

So after logging and and doing the inital Directional looked to be like I am still the only one in here...which is good. I have yet to activate any WH leaving, but that doesnt mean that my passing vistors are not activating them either. Wspace life so far is continuing to be good to me. I ran about 9 sites last night leaving me with 4 more cosmic anomalies to go before i start scanning the signatures down and working on them. As of last night I was showing 23 either a few more sites spawned or a few k-162 had developed. My "normal" number of sig's has been a 19 for the first 2 days. Well we can always hope for more sites. With the way things are going looks like I probably am going to need to do a fuel run as well. Still trying to figure out if I should clear the grav sites or not....I think I will base this on my scan today...or invite a few corp mates in do get it done.

Chatted with a few buddies of mine to find out that they are still in a War dec and hiding in WH space. These guys just are not having any luck. I was briefly with them in the corp that they are in, but only for 3 days. I couldn't grasp the way the corp was being ran for a WH operation. And I wont be going into many details. But after leaving 1 wormhole that had "dried-up", these guys quickly found a new WH that was ok and they were just happy to get the move down quickly with there war still going on.*this is the bad luck part*...Shortly after getting moved in and settled...they had a roaming crew enter there WH...and if i remember right...these were BC's, T3's, and Recons that entered. So seeing how the pvp experience wouldnt be in their favor, of course they stayed with'n the confines of their POS. And the new vistors helped themselves to all of the sites in the WH....yes....ALL OF THE SITES...LMAO....omg I almost started crying I was laughing so hard.

Now I am not a mean person, but the irony of the whole situation is just too funny. I was in that corp for 3 days. And I left it 3 days ago...and I have now been in my Class 1 WH for 3 days...So far in 3 days according to price checks on the market, I am sitting on roughly between 400-500million isk of loot between Melted Nano Ribbons, Neural Networks, and Sleeper Data Libraries. I figured this up after telling them about what I have done since I left the corp they are in. Yeah I probably could be making more in a class 2 or definitely a class 3, but hey....who's this guy.

So what next...Well I still have this WH to we have that. After talking with my buddies in other corp...they are unsure of what they are going to do...but I definitely need to get some "WH Kits" made up. After talking with StarDefender, last night, I recieved some handy tips for my larger POS setups. *Thanks Alot Star* So I am pretty excited. My toons are on there way to Iteron Mark V's. I think the closest is 18 days away. I roll all Caldari pilots so....yeah...have to train some But the next WH...I will definintely have my "mining crew" in with there will be no wondering if I should mine or not.

The other debate is whether or not to Start a completely a new corp just for WH purposes and leave from the Industrial named corp I have now. This is another one I am unsure of. But which means....that there will be more typing in the future when I do figure these things out. Till then...the sleepers are out there!

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