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Friday, April 16, 2010

Packing up, moving out, and cashing in...Class 1

So last night when I log on...I had only 4 sites left to clear...cosmic anomalies that is. After clearing them, I proceeded to scan down the rest of the signatures in my Class 1 WH. And I did this in my drake so it took longer then it should've. But what I found was:

- 9 Grav sites
-10 Ladar sites
-2 Radar sites

If I only had a WH kit ready...I struggled with the decision to pull out of this WH or not. I was really thinking about mining those grav sites and maybe I should've. But after popping through my low sec static...I noticed I was only 4 jumps from highsec and 10 jumps from a Trade Hub. If nothing else I needed fuel, so I jumped Alala through to pick up fuel with a rigged out badger. At least now I had another 10 days to make a decision. After thinking about it and actually writing down the things I needed...I quickly realized that I didnt want to continue my "rushed" pattern of getting things into the WH from where ever. So I started packing up.

Leaving Alala behind at the POS to start offlining and unpacking, I went ahead and took Enyo to the Trade Hub to sell off the loot. After 4 days of being in the Class 1 WH...I cashed out with a total of 480 million isk. Not too bad for a last minute effort. And yet that was the most expensive destroyer I was flying through low sec carrying all that My chest was pounding the whole way. But now looking at how much I made over investment. I orginally invested around 200 mil isk. So I came out making back what I put into the Small POS, Corp Hangar, Ship Maint. Array, and fuel....and 280mil over very nice.

Back at the POS, things were going along smoothly...The low sec group of systems was fairly one point I saw 15 people...but I only ever saw one ship. So as arrays were offlining and unachoring, best believe I was smashing the scan button in fear of someone catching me with my pants down so to say.

Flying Enyo back to the system with my K-162, again the path was quite...I did manage to catch sight of a Domi going the same jumps I was...I have to admit the kinda made me nervous. I started checking profiles...and I would say 75% of the people in the systems were CVA or CVA counterparts.

Thing were moving smoothly at the POS...Once I got Enyo back into the WH...I boarded my Drake and orbited the WH waiting for someone to come through. Alala moved the first load through a system and unloaded at one of the low sec stations. Thankfully everything only consisted of 2 trips with the badger II. After emptying the fuel into the badger the only thing left to do once returning to WH was offlining and unachoring the POS. To my surprise...the unachoring only took 15min...for some reason I was thinking that it took 30min. But as the POS went through its count down...I logged off Alala, and Enyo warped to and sat 50km off the POS cloaked.

15min later....Alala comes on...packs up and both Alala and Enyo warp out of WH to the safety of a station. HOWEVER...I still do have a scan alt in the WH....I figure I will leave him in the WH and check on it everynow and then. Like I said earlier...I definitely left some sites undone...mostly the Grav Sites....SO IF ANY MINING CORP or anyone else that reads this and would like to get access to this WH. Just contact me on Enyo Bellona. I have all the Bookmarks for sites left in the WH...and all I have to do is scan the new WH with my Scan Alt that is left in the WH.


  1. Nice hit and run operation on that class one. What is your plan now? Find another class one to plunder?

  2. Banear- Thanks man. Not sure if the next one will be a class 1, but I will post about my plans. Definitely will be going back into WH. Just have to do it alittle better planned and organized. I left alot of ISK behind in the Grav sites.

  3. Very smooth operation. The first successful WH does build confidence doesn't it? Just make sure that you don't let your guard down too much as far as preparation is concerned. Great op though :)