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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New corp...still 0.0...smooth flying

Hello Everyone...Well after thinking long and hard I ended up leaving my old alliance and joining another corporation that was residing in 0.0.

So far it has actually been going pretty good....hell who am I kidding ...this corp is great and seems like the perfect fit for what I am looking for to do in game. So between my two characters, Enyo Bellona and Alala Bellona, I have been mining and ratting. Lately I have been looking more and more at the anomalies that we are able to run. And for the most part I usually dual box, Alala being the industrialist miner she is and Enyo launching missiles everywhere.

Yesterday I had a $400million isk scare. How it all started...there was a neutral in system. No one seemed to know who the person was and apparently they were in the corp for about 3 days. I later learned that the toon was booted for thoughts of being a spy. Ok...right on. Well there we were sitting at the POS just BS'ing. AND THEN...the freaking neut shows up at the POS....IN A are you we find him and get him uncloaked...and then a Hulk proceeds to tear the pod up with his drones. I get in a missile finishing up what the drones couldnt do....BYE BYE NEUT. Sitting in the vent channels we are all laughing about what just happened.

So 5min of the guys comes into vent wanting to know who just show this neut down. Come to find out...the neut belonged to one of the Directors in the corp and also had about $400mil worth of implants in ...DOH...which of course had the other people in channel that didnt do any shooting laugh harder and harder...while me and the lonely hulk pilot are looking at our wallets debating who what going to pay for these implants if it came down to it. All in all...the guy said not to worry about it. In the end...we definitely all got a quick lesson on paying attention to VENT and the differ chat channels. Since the guy never spoke up about his new found alt...he bit the bullet and we all took it as a learning experience.

On other notes...with the anamolies...I am slowly working up to see what I can 'solo'. Right now Enyo is using a Drake...which is the same thing I run all level 4 missions with....The question right now is Havens and Sanctums. Angel Faction. I have done everything below these two site types...but just am not sure about entering these for solo. I was also trying to figure out...what about the TENGU or the NIGHTHAWK...would one of these ships be a better choice for running the high level anomalies? Now someone has said something about using a carrier to run the sites...which may be a viable option in a month or two...but right now I having some training focus in other directions. 

Any feed back here or in game would be welcomed about the anomalies thoughts....

Till next time...keep shooting!

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