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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 i dont know

Hello has been sometime since i have posted. In my last post I was talking about doing some "yarr"....well that kinda fell through...after about a week of being down there was fun but i lost interest pretty quick. Not to mention, I had some RL activities going on that keeps me away from EVE. So I am on no where to the amount of time that i used to be on.

So what now....hell I really dont know. Being that I only log on and actually play maybe 2 times a week, I have started looking for what activities I could do and still be doing something. seemed to be the answer to this so far. Being that I already had BPOs from before....I was just collecting them....I already had part of this evolution done. They are researched as well. So now its just training up PE V on a toon to really get things going but I have messed around with a few things here and there already. I started out with 110mil investment in minerals....From them I have been building what items it looks that i would turn some profit on.  In doing so i have also taken an item or two and have spread them across different systems. I am definitely starting to see a patteren in what sells where. AND THEN AGIAN...there are some things that absolutely are not making sense on how items are way it stimulates the ole'brain for thinking and i find it enjoyable so far.

I have also started back up into has been awhile since i have done this...but last time i was really into it worked out pretty well. Now i never did amass the billions that i hear ppl claiming to...but then again i like to spend my iskies TOO. At one point in doing this i started trading for investors in the alliance i was in. It wasnt too bad. I was able to take an investment...and in a week or less, payback the investment plus 10% and still profit for myself as well.

And #3 item is...the alliance i used to be in is telling they have a place for me when ever i am ready to come this may involve me having to leave my current corp.....who knows...but it is definitely nice to have the options. But if i do production toon will stay in the corp which it is in and my trade toon would be staying in the corp which it is in as well. So all and all business would continue to move on as usual.

Hmm...what else has happened...oh LMAO...last week we were apparently 'War-Dec'ed' by a 2man corp. Talking about getting people excited. I logged on one night to check my skill training...and there were emails shooting all over about hunting down the players the dec'ed us. Already the guys had info...last locations...ships placed where it does amaze me how active people quickly get with a small amount of excitement...which would also show you how slow it really has been in the corp as of lately.

But well i am off....still trying to figure out which way to go...till then having fun when i am on and watching the market move!

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