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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rejoining the old alliance...

So last night I went ahead and joined backing to the alliance I used to part of. Only last time I had my own corporation within this alliance. Well this time I just joined into a corp within the alliance. The whole leadership roles have taken its toll on me in this game and ATM I really just have no interest in being a "leader" for me to be the cause of a headache, eh!...Good times good times. So after joining I parked the ole' drake and jumped into my SB.

After thinking about the market and having to re-stock myself once i arrived backing 0.0 yet again. I decided to take a few market items with me...ofc i need to make a few selfless iskies I took down...LOL i aint telling, but a few empire items ofc found their way into 0.0 with the markups required for such a starving market. Now I am not gouging the no means would i do that...but i did put enough mark up on the many and various items to counteract the cost of me needing to buy the ships and modules i needed to start out with. So i will get my iskies over time. Not to mention a few blanket BPOs that i believe i will be able to turn some small profits on while i am done their for this duration.

Thats right baby...its always about the iskies and the ways to make 'em. The astounding part really does seem like things have gotten alot better since the last time i was down in null working with this alliance. Time will only tell though. The alliance is growing and has grown light years from when i first left it. Hell i believe they are still recruiting corps and players is the "Recruitment Plug"...

If you read this blog or have maybe just caught eye of this one posting...and are interested in Null sec and a established alliance with quite a few systems.... :o) .... Please contact "Gallinae" in-game(EVE).  I mean you can contact me and ask a question but with all the changes i will overall be directing you to Gallinae. All i if you do contact him...mention that you were referred/heard about the alliance from my Blog. Ya know...give some kudos!

A few of the old corpies convo'ed me last night too asking what was up...well like i told them...just trying to make some iskies. Things have been so dead...or more so on my part i reckon. With RL, i just havent had much time for the game lately...So i have been looking for the ways to maximize my isk making abilities. And it is always interesting to see how other side of EVE is playing. So i guess the only question now that i am in null sec...where can i best utilize my efforts...again i think this is a question that will just be answered over time.

Although last night once i was back down in the "Null" and properly pieced together my ship...i did some ratting. I didnt get to involved in the alliance last night since i just moved down and didnt have VOIP abilities last night. So while ratting...some dude in an Arazu decided he was going to attempt to take out my drake...LMAO are you serious...This guys arazu vs my drake ...1v1....ROFLMAO...all i can say is he is lucky that he could keep his distance while dampening me. So of course he sends out his drones...well...that doesnt mean they made it back to him. Ya can dampen me...but i will be damned if i am not going to shoot something. So...when he didnt launch drones...i would continue to shoot the belt rats...oh i am also tanking 2 BS and 3 BC's while this guy is trying to pwn me. And he does have me scram'ed so it wasnt like i could get away. So i continue and chain'ed the belt...killed drones everytime he launched them on me...I even let him think he was killing me...turned my hardners off for a few sec to let me HP's get low...LOL...more drones come...hardners back on...drones die...overall it was a stalemate other then me killing his T2 drones. But i do have a plan for Mr. Arazu pilot...i hope to see him again. According to intel he loves hanging out in the system i was in and killing the easy players and miners...I think I smell a few traps coming up..

But to be honest...i owe it to this guy...he has given be new found purpose in EVE...See I know he is going to stick around because he has been scoring some kills...And now i get to hunt him down...each time...Tracing this one dude my new eve goal...So hello Mr. Arazu Russian Pilot, I am your new bestest Friend in EVE....Coming to a space near you!

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