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Monday, March 22, 2010

Off and on

So I havent really been on to much lately. A mix of RL and just not feeling like playing. Although the times I have been playing its been alright. Things with the alliance/corp...are alright...They seem to work together pretty well but since I dont have much online time, it almost seem pointless in being here. About 2 weeks ago I did get into some pvp with the corp.

Overall, that little event ended pretty badly...especially with the lost of my drake. And not to place blame on any one person....just pretty much have to chock it up to confusion over comm's. And that my friends is something to put a downer on anyones day. And if I remember was just a few days after I joined back into the alliance.

My trade goods having been doing good in null sec. So that kinda helped with the lost of my drake.

But back to what I was saying...I am kinda feeling that maybe joining back into this alliance wasnt the best thing for me atm. I am looking for something that can fit and move along with my current playing style. Now I do have a miner placed in another alliance and so far that fit has been perfect. I am not sure but I might move Enyo into that same alliance. HTA is a good group and all, but I really dont have the time that is needed to dedicate to these guys and the plans they have going. This other place....there are certain things that I can do to still assist the goals and I do them as an individual or with the team. So so far it seems like that is the fit that I might need to be in. Especially with the next 5 months coming.

In 2 months, Me and my wife are expecting our first child and then 2-3 months after that we will be moving to Hawaii. So alot of changes coming real quick real And when I do get to Hawaii...when ever I do start to play changes the timezone by quite a the crowds online might change a bit.

And this new when I log back onto EVE in Hawaii....EVERYTHING will be different. Now I am looking at this from the industrial view point. The devs talk about being able to harvest from the planets and a few other things....but...and I may have not read this yet...but what the hell are we going to be able to do with what is harvested. Are these "planet" materials/minerals going to be worked into the BPOs of modules out currently? It is definitely interesting and I look forward to this "industrial expansion" in EVE. I started playing the game being brought into the industrial aspect.

Hope all is well to any readers.

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